The Suicide Squad (2021) (blu-ray film review).

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As a comicbook or film series, following a team of criminals coerced to work for the government in black op operations* by reduction in their sentences and a bomb implant in their necks really shouldn’t work. I mean, it isn’t as though there aren’t enough vigilantes who could actually be asked to get involved if it meant saving lives. There’s a grey area about whether they would actually kill or be seeing to kill which really ought to be explored.

The likes of the Justice League has to have some political connections to be allowed to operate but also happen to ignore government instructions. [*Actually, it has been done before if you remember the spoof TV series ‘She-Spies’.]

This second ‘Suicide Squad’ is better than the first 2016 one, mostly because you’re prepared for the scenario that few get out alive. Certainly, the first unit looks like a bunch of losers, even if it contains three of the previous team, Harley Quinn (actress Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (actor Jai Courtney) and Colonel Flag (actor Joel Kinnaman), when they are part of an invasion of Panama to investigate and destroy the alien starfish, looked after by the Thinker (actor Peter Capaldi).

However, they are a diversion for the main squad, led by Bloodsport (actor Eldris Elba) with Peacemaker (actor John Ceena), King Shark (voiced by Sylvester Stallone and body by Steve Agee and digital), Polka-Dot Man (actor David Dastmalchian) and Ratcatcher 2 (actress Daniela Melchior). Their mission as ordered by Amanda Waller (actress Viola Davis) is to ensure a revolution is completed and a little matter of keeping America’s involvement in the Starfish program quiet. The rest is classified.

The amount of violence and death is to be expected and, should I say, almost comicbook, although I doubt they would dare go this far in the multi-colour pages. There is some area of regret when they take out the revolutionaries from wrong intel. Probably the best scenes are those of Harley Quinn escaping.

Director James Gunn admits he does a totally unnoted audio commentaries and I wish other directors had this level of recall. We Brits call them impromptu. I do have to wonder that if so many actors come and hang out with Gunn, just how does he find time to direct them? It’s interesting seeing Gunn debate which was his favourite scene but is the same as mine with Quinn escaping. He also points out which dialogue is ab libbed by the actors for those who want to know it.

There is no indication where they hid their costumes other than on the bus. In the closing credits, Gunn reveals he did the audio commentary before the film’s release. It’ll be interesting to compare how Gunn does an audio impromptu to one with notes although I doubt if there would be little difference. In December, I criticised the latest Bond film as lacking pace. It would be interesting to see how the master of pace, James Gunn, would do a Bond film, assuming he could fit it into his busy schedule.

So many extras on the blu-ray, so shall have to pick out the highlights. Actually, where do I stop. The 17 minute ‘Deleted And Extended Scenes’ shows some lovely moments. I love the Harley Quinn/servant selection scene, noting not to laugh at Amanda Waller’s wardrobe selection and the rat scene which considering it’s completion was an expensive removal. I ended up watching the film again to join the dots and if any of something of the deleted scenes was left in. Didn’t look that way and I think the omissions was more to do the length of the film and wouldn’t ruin the pace.

I do have to wonder with Gag Reels is whether the directors worry if actors fluff their lines any more because the material could still be used, although oddly we never see physical props or scene failures.

‘Bringing King Shark To Life’ runs at 6 minutes and they still aren’t sure why he’s a popular character. Considering the Shark is amongst other psychopaths, I would think his actions are in place with them although I wouldn’t want to get too close. It might be his shorts though.

Now the 11½ minute ‘Gotta Love The Squad’ might be the quickest way to meet the actors and the roles they play if you’re getting newbies into who they are.

The 4 ‘Scene Breakdowns’ runs to nearly half an hour and my main favourite was showing how Harley escaped to be my favourite here.

‘Starro – It’s A Freakin’ Kaju!’ covers how the got the 150 feet creature on set. I’m not entirely sure if it was digital.

To end, there was three retro-trailers, no doubt reflecting what was shown elsewhere.

As you can tell, I kind of liked this film. Everyone gets a chance to shine, die or just plain escape and, first time around, you certainly can’t guess who. I do hope they match the comicbook and resurrect Captain Boomerang. After all, he always comes back.

GF Willmetts

February 2022

(pub: Warner Bros, 2021. 1 blu-ray disk 132 minute film with extras. Price: I pulled my copy for the usual price. All right, so I used my Nectar card as I had points to spend. ASIN: 1000799357)

cast: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis. Peter Capaldi and an ever growing list of actors.

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