The Recall (sci-fi movie trailer).

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Here’s the trailer for science fiction film The Recall, which seems to add to the hostile alien abduction sub-genre (is that a thing: on Netflix, surely?).

This movie has a bunch of weekend cabin vacationing teens getting down and dirty with E.T., with only a mad ex-astronaut (Wesley Snipes) to save them.

Here’s the official blurb…

The Recall centers on a group of friends vacationing at a remote cabin lake house when aliens attack Earth. Charlie (Jedidah Goodacre) and his friends Brendan (R.J. Mitte), Annie (Laura Bilgeri), Rob (Niko Pepaj), and Kara (Hannah Rose May) are forced to rely on an eccentric and mysterious hunter (Wesley Snipes) with special knowledge of the attack, explaining this day has been prophesied for years.

The Recall (sci-fi movie trailer).

The Recall (sci-fi movie trailer).

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