The New 52: Future’s End # 0 Special Edition (comic review).

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The new version of the DC Universe is already in trouble. It is the near future and few super-heroes are still alive. Those who died are cyborg components of robots controlled by Brother Eye and the world is lost. An elder Bruce Wayne sends Batman Beyond into the past to stop Brother Eye’s creation with orders not to go to himself or Superman, both of whom would surely unwittingly stop him. The only problem is this is the Batman’s first mistake, Batman Beyond arrives 5 years too late and for the next, you’ll be part of the buying public.


There are elements of ‘The Terminator’ plot and even, if you think about it, a certain ‘Future Past’ storyline but any post-apocalyptic time travel story is going to tip their hat to both of them. All DC has to do is make this version their own.

The story is non-stop action and a little short on character development. As I haven’t been kept up to date with the events of ‘The New 52’, I don’t have much knowledge of how far this DC Universe reality deviates from the last one I saw Brother Eye in. The earlier Bruce Wayne certainly needs a good shake-up but with all these multiple realities, there must be many of them creating Brother Eye. If anything, with the potential for death for all DC characters, nothing in the sequence to follow is going to be laid in cement so don’t expect much in the way of happy endings. Don’t forget your reefs.

GF Willmetts

April 2014

(pub: DC Comics. 36 page comic. Price: Free! Part of Comic Book Day)

check out website: www.dccomics.com


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