The Mandalorian: of Funky Royalty and Celestial Cameos? (with spoilers: TV show review)

Beware, folks, spoilers ahead.

Galactic surprise! In Chapter 22: Guns for Hire, the latest episode of The Mandalorian‘s third season, interstellar diplomacy gets a groovy twist as our heroes land on the independent outer rim planet Plazir-15. What could have been another run-of-the-mill adventure quickly turns into a cosmic jam session with the unexpected appearances of Lizzo and Jack Black.

In this outlandish escapade, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) make contact with Bo-Katan’s old mercenary squad on Plazir-15. The planet, in desperate need of protection, is led by the fabulously eccentric duo, Duchess (Lizzo) and Captain Bombardier (Jack Black). These two self-proclaimed elected royals are as melodious and comical as their real-life counterparts.

Lizzo, who recently won Record of the Year for “About Damn Time” at the Grammy Awards 2023, showcases her versatility as the Duchess, who traces her noble lineage back to the planet’s earliest settlers. Meanwhile, Jack Black’s Captain Bombardier, a former imperial officer turned New Republic rehabilitant, brings a comedic touch to the character’s redemption arc.

Who would’ve thought that the Mandalorian’s galaxy could get any more colorful? But hold onto your lightsabers, folks, because Christopher Lloyd makes a stellar appearance as Commissioner Hellgait, the man responsible for Plazir-15’s sizable droid workforce. Lloyd’s presence is a delightful nod to the sci-fi classic, Back to the Future, and adds another layer of charm to this already enchanting episode.

But wait, there’s more! As if the star-studded cameos weren’t enough, we’re treated to the return of the Ugnaughts, those grumpy fan-favorite engineers from season 1. The nostalgia doesn’t stop there, as the episode is peppered with subtle references to the Star Wars prequel trilogy, making it a veritable treasure trove for die-hard fans.

Chapter 22: Guns for Hire is a cosmic symphony of laughter, music, and intergalactic shenanigans. It’s an episode that sets the bar high for The Mandalorian, proving that this series still has a few surprises and thrills up its space sleeves. And, to quote a certain legendary Jedi master, “Begun, the cameo wars have.”

I have spoken.

The Mandalorian: of Funky Royalty and Celestial Cameos? (with spoilers: TV show review)
The Mandalorian: of Funky Royalty and Celestial Cameos? (with spoilers: TV show review)

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