The Europa Report movie… moon of ice, moon of death.

The Europa Report is a new scifi movie with actor Michael Nyqvistin that looks at a near-future NASA expedition to Jupiter’s moon to investigate the ocean under said ice-locked world. Here’s some teaser trailer action. Our take? Think of the Blair Witch Project in space… or perhaps Danny Boyle’s scifi movie Sunshine… with the horrors swapped from the Sun and very very hot, to Europa and very very cold. But heck, everyone likes to see some Alien-style spooky spaceship action, right? Raiders of the Lost Ark-fan Sebastián Cordero is the director.

The Europa Report movie
Blimey, the moon is full of stars (or something).

One thought on “The Europa Report movie… moon of ice, moon of death.

  • I sure hope this movie is good. I’ve been researching Europa for over a year so it will be especially interesting to me!

    While waiting for the movie, checkout the book “The Curse of Europa!”


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