The Confessions Of Dorian Gray: The Picture Of Loretta Delphine by Gary Russell (CD review).

After what seems like an eternity, the ‘Confessions’ are back. Dorian Gray (Alexander Vlahos) returns in the episode of ‘The Picture Of Loretta Delphine’ written by Gary Russell. Dorian is invited to the US state of Florida to meet with the daughter of a sadly departed friend. What Kayla Grant (Katharine Mangold) has to tell him about her mother and where she lived shocks him to the core but it is the story of Loretta Delphine that really haunts him. For she was a monster and he knows all about those.


A gripping and disturbing tale this is quite gruesome in places, a real horror story with bite. The character of Gray in different moments in time is a good carrier for a variety of stories that can be attached to him. It is told quite vividly and, with only two people in the cast, the language is nevertheless clear and conveys the story very well. As an audio, it creates certain pictures in the mind of the listeners and conjures up the Florida swamp and faded hotel of the setting. Full marks for a great opener to the new series. These really are worth listening to with a good build up to a shocking conclusion.

This is indeed a welcome return for Dorian Gray and is one of five new episodes of 30 minutes length that are available as downloads only. Big Finish has also recorded the original story of ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’ with a full cast including Miles Richardson and Marcus Hutton which is available now.

Sue Davies

October 2013

(pub: Big Finish. 30 minute story. Price: Download: £ 2.99 (UK))
cast: Alexander Vlahos and Katharine Mangold
check out website:

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