The Brass Teapot… it is a saucy teapot.

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Here’s a rather unusual film, it’s a modern fairytale with a dark edge about a young couple who discover a magic teapot at an antiques fair. It spews out money to its owners, but only after they have suffered physical or emotional pain. So, our young lovers get into all sorts of scrapes and discover a passion for ’50 shades of grey’-style bondage, kickboxing, streetfighting and just about anything that will earn them more money from the Magic teapot.

I can’t help but wonder if this is a allegory about balancing the shit of earning a living with having a real life. If so, it’s rather clever. And if it isn’t, you can always enjoy watching a young lady wearing a corset and asking to be spanked.

The Brass Teapot... it is a saucy teapot.

Give me pain, I give you a money. That’s not magic, it’s a pact!


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