The Art Of Amanda Conner (book review).

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As you might have noticed from my reviewing the graphic novels of Harley Quinn and Power Girl, I’ve quickly become a fan of Amanda Conner’s artwork. Oddly, there have only been three books about her art and this one is regarded as the best one. The other ones appears to be reprinting her comicbook strips, this one, ‘The Art Of Amanda Conner’ contains her bibliography and samples of her art from most of the companies she’s worked for. As the 2012 shows, this is pre-Harley Quinn but as you’ve bought that by now, this one just fills the gaps.

Conner explains she likes drawing expressive faces sans masks, so she’s drawn to some characters more than others. Considering the number of photos of her gurning, that is making funny faces, I wasn’t surprised at that. Seeing her work unpainted, I can see why she praises her usual colourist, Paul Mounts, for giving her art depth. It doesn’t mean she can’t do detailed work but she works with line economy, blending a cartoony look with its own form of realism. The facial expressions and body language are a key selling point.

There’s a good selection of art including some pin-ups. I love the Tigra one. If there’s anything missing, then its samples of her work for ‘Mad Magazine’. There are still some copies out there, so don’t miss out.

GF Willmetts

October 2021

(pub: IDW Desperado, 2012. 224 page large illustrated hardback. Price: I pulled my copy for about £18.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-60010-950-8)

check out websites: www.idwpublishing.com and www.desperadopublishing.com


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