That’s not a router, that’s a spy device!

If it isn’t worrying enough that some pervert can hack the cam which seems to come with every screen and laptop these days, whether you asked for it or not, now it seems that your router can be turned against you, too.

A pair of scientists from the UK’s UCL, Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty, have developed a system that allows an active router’s wifi to be remotely hacked and turned into a doppler effect radar device so that a hacker can scan the house/office where the router is based, and map on a screen where everybody currently is.

Spy Device
Good for spying, too?

There are only a few uses for this sort of tech. The first is for Special Forces in kidnap rescue situations. The second is for stalkers to follow the object of their obsession around their Hollywood mansion. Imagine the fear you might feel when someone tweets you and asks, “Why did you spend so long in the bathroom?”

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