That’s about the size of it (if ‘it’ is a ‘starship).

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A nice little video showing the relative size of a number of different starships from the world of movies, TV and games (mainly).

Ah, if only you could squeeze the Gravity Rose in there . . . actually, I did!

Here’s the full list so far . . .

TIE Fighter – 6m: Star Wars.
Starfury – 10m: Babylon 5.
X wing – 12m: Star wars.
UNSC Pelican D77-TC – 30m: Halo.
Millennium Falcon – 34m: Star Wars.
Endurance – 65m: Interstellar.
ISS – 73m: NASA.
Discovery One – 140m: 2001 A Space Odyssey.
SSV Normandía – SR-1 155m: Mass Effect.
Enterprise NCC 1701 – 289m: Star trek.
Whitestar – 476m: Babylon5.
UNSC Frigate – 490m: Halo.
Enterprise NCC 1701-D – 642m: Star trek.
Destroyer – 900m: Star Wars.
Romulan Star Empire – 1341m: Star trek.
Galactica -1445m: Battlestar Galactica.
Gravity Rose – 1609m: Sliding Void.
Covenant Battlecruiser – 1782m: Halo.
Collector Cruiser – 1890m: Mass Effect.
Destiny Ascension – 1900m: Mass Effect.
Reaper – 2000m: Mass Effect.
Borg Cube – 3000m: Star Trek.
Droid Control Ship – 3170m: Star Wars.
V Mothership – 3200m: V.
Apophis – 3325m: StarGate.
Hel – 4266m: EVE Online.
Dictator – 5100m: Warhammer 40k.
Covenant Assault Carrier – 5346m: Halo.
Anubis – 5500m: StarGate.
UNSC Infinity – 5600m: Halo.
Lexx – 10.000m: Lexx – The Dark zone.
Eternal Crusader – 10.000m: Warhammer 40k.
Collector Base – 11.800m: Mass Effect.
Avatar – 13.774m: EVE Online.
Erebus – 14.764m: EVE Online.
Mass Relay – 15.000m: Mass Effect.
Ragnarok -18.127m: EVE Online.
Executer – 19.000m: Star Wars.
City Destroyer Invasion Mothership – 24.000m: Independence Day.
Citadel – 44.700m: Mass Effect.
TET – 100km: Oblivion.
Death Star – 1 160km: Star Wars.
High Charity – 464km: Halo.
Death Star 2 – 900km: Star Wars.
Halo – 10.000km: Halo.
The Ark – 127,530km: Halo.

Death Star and the White House.

We built it!


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