Thankskilling 3 (2009) (DVD review).

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Just when you thought it was safe to go out, the rampaging turkey has returned more deadly than ever and just in time for American Thanksgiving! The original ‘Thankskilling’ movie, made by college students Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart, cost only $3500 but it was a smash hit nonetheless, mainly on the old adage that it was so bad it was good. I can remember watching the gory scenes of slashing puppets and grotesque mannequins being mashed. Now, returning with a budget, wait for it, of $100,000, they are back and it is generally a much more polished performance. Okay, there is still a little amateurish nonsense about this but it has a much more professional feel and it continues on the theme of a cult classic, one which most of the fans will want to purchase.


Wait a minute, what about ‘Thankskilling 2’? it has become the only movie ever to skip its own sequel, an original concept in itself, and this is just the start of the quirky humour that pervades the entire caboodle. It’s just so ridiculous that it’s good. Maybe you don’t have to like it but, whatever your opinion, you have at least got to say it is definitely original.

The terrible feathered fiend, Turkie, comes back with chainsaw intent on finding the missing sequel. It’s a hopeless task but many people caught in the way get horribly ripped to pieces just for the sheer hell of it. Without giving too much of the plot away, the victims include such wayward characters as a rapping grandmother, a mindless puppet looking for its mind, an inventor, and even a bisexual worm from outer space, plus all their associates. Exactly how do you see a puppet massacre? Well, it’s difficult to describe unless you see the movie.

There is a story to the proceedings and lots of music. The humour is wholeheartedly on the black side and if you have watched the first ‘Thankskilling’ you will definitely want to watch this one. However, the disc contains lots of extras which include loads of featurettes, a couple of commentaries with the creators, a music video, tons of pictures and an interactive drinking game which I did not try. In fact, there’s more content in the extras then there is in the movie itself which is great value for money.

What started out as a joke some years ago has developed into a popular cult. These guys have cornered the market when it comes to over the top puppet action and there is no doubt that this DVD will be a great success. I can recommend it to anybody over a certain age. The question is, where will they go next? It could be a horror version of something similar to the Muppets!

Rod MacDonald

October 2013

(region 1 DVD: pub: Gravitas Ventures. 1 DVD 66 minute film plus extras. Price: $16.95 (US), £ 8.98 (UK). ASIN: B005IGVTHY)

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