Tales From the Loop (Amazon Prime scifi TV series: trailer).

It really is amazing to see what Amazon and Prime are willing to mine in their fight for new content to make you sign up – obscure novels from the Eastern Block, games, comics, the sky is the limit these days.

Following this trend, here’s a new scifi series from Amazon based on the science fiction art book of illustrator Simon Stålenhag – Tales from the Loop – originally a crowd-funded coffee table-size volume that takes viewers on a quest through Swedish country and city landscapes (and Nevada), in a world where a particle accelerator accident has led to an Earth of abandoned robots, vehicles, and machinery with dinosaurs and strange creatures co-mingling … think the Southern Reach Trilogy with gorgeous pictures.

As often where you have an illustrator-led project, the pictures are lovely, the story is, well, hmmmm … make your own mind up.

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