Swamp Thing (DC movie trailer).

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Here’s the first trailer for the DC Swamp Thing film.

This is one comic-strip and character that I could never get into, even back in the Golden Age of my youth.

It seemed a complete waste of perfectly good pulp paper – like trying to engage with the emotional journey of the contents of a compost bin.

If there are any fans of the original out there, just try and change my mind in the comments below – go on.

Swamp Thing (DC movie trailer).

Swamp Thing (DC movie trailer).


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  1. Julian White says:

    I’m not sure I can convince you – possibly part of the ‘problem’ may well be that there have been many (slightly) different interpretations of the idea. I came on board with the Alan Moore run (which I enjoyed) and stayed after he left (so that’s something like issues 20 to 171) but haven’t kept up with later iterations. As a sort of ecologist it may be that I was attracted by the eco-warrior, protector of the Green he became – I’m less fond of the earlier more horror-monster versions (and the two? films which seem to follow that trend). I don’t know any of the television versions (live-action or animation) but will look out for this new one and may get back to you.

    There are some 6 volumes of collected comics available so something must be going right. And if nothing else we owe the creation of John Constantine to Swamp Thing! I see that Constantine’s own titles have run for over 30 years (and I’ve not kept up with them, either); I was saddened to see his tv series wasn’t continued after the one season.

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