Super fan Dave Lally to address the Birmingham Science Fiction Group.

In July 2016 the Birmingham Science Fiction Group will be hosting a talk by Dave Lally. Dave was born and raised in rural Ireland. His family were one of the very first in their area to get a TV set which introduced him at an early age to SF programmes such as Quatermass and the Pit, Space Patrol and Fireball XL5.

He has been involved in Science Fiction fandom since the 70’s and will be talking to us about his five main phases of (and different areas within) fandom – with which he has been intimately linked since those early 70s.

These include:

  • His early days of fandom (primarily Prisoner TV series and their Portmeirion conventions,
  • Worldcons (from 1979) and Eastercons (first in 1984 and then continuously from 1988). Dave both attended and then later became responsible for video programming thereat,
  • Octocons (Irish National SF Conventions from 1990 onward) and later on Mecons and Titancons,
  • Novacons and then Eurocons from the mid 1990s (including his ESFS Chairmanship for 8 years), and
  • His assumption of British Science Fiction Association Membership Officer duties from 2014 onwards.

This meeting is on 8th July 2016 at the Briar Rose Hotel on Bennett’s Hill, Birmingham, UK; this venue is 5 minutes’ walk from New Street Station and handy for all bus routes. The meeting opens its doors at 7:30 p.m.

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