Suicide Squad Volume 3: Burning The House Down by Rob Williams, John Romita Jr., Eddy Barrows, John Ostrander and Gus Vazquez (graphic novel review).

Now here’s a problem. The third volume of ‘Suicide Squad Volume 3: Burning The House Down’ comprises of Suicide Squad # 11-15 and the separate ‘Suicide Squad Special: War Crimes 1’, more to fit in continuity or the space at the end. The main story rotates around the repercussions of the assassination of Amanda Waller, a traitor in the Squad and a little matter of the skull bombs being turned off.

Saying the shit hit the fan is putting it mildly as it scatters everywhere, although there are few clues as to who’s involved making it difficult to second-guess writer Rob Williams. For detective stories, you do have to lay down clues that the reader can pick up on rather than spring it with no before knowledge, even of something that looks dodgy and might even be so in the aftermath.

That doesn’t make the story uninteresting but it does bring up an interesting question that none of the Squad are truly brainboxes and clever without a dose of sanity. More so as their nominal leader, Rick Flagg, is also captured for much of this multi-part story. If it doesn’t make any difference if they have a leader or not, then it is a flaw that should have been addressed.

So much of this story is spoiler, so make sure you give yourselves a couple hours of free time to read straight through. It’s interesting seeing John Romita Jr. working on this series although I’m not sure if Killer Croc should be spikey all over because you certainly wouldn’t want to get a bear hug from him, even on a good day. Mind you, if you got that close, you’re going to be bitten in a bad way.

If you’re catching up with me with this volume, I suspect the next will be spoiler.

GF Willmetts

March 2021

(pub: DC Comics, 2016-17. 176 page graphic novel softcover. Price: I pulled my copy for about £ 3.70 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-4012-7422-1)

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