Steve Stiles becomes a fresh nominee for Best Fan Artist Hugo award.

The Hugo administrators have announced that Alex Garner has been withdrawn from the Fan Artist category, and as a result candidate Steve Stiles has been added to the ballot.

 Nicholas Whyte, lead administrator, explained, “Alex Garner, who was announced as a finalist in the Best Fan Artist category for the 2017 Hugo Awards on 4 April, has notified the Hugo administrators that in fact the entirety of his published 2016 work was professional and not fan art. With regret, we have no alternative but to disqualify him as a finalist for Best Fan Artist. We very much appreciate his candour in dealing with this awkward situation, and respect his integrity in bringing the matter to our attention.”

“His place on the ballot for Best Fan Artist will be taken by the next available candidate, Steve Stiles. Paper Hugo ballots will be reprinted and the online Hugo ballot (which will go live shortly) will be amended accordingly. The revised final ballot for Best Fan Artist is therefore Ninni Aalto, Vesa Lehtimäki, Likhain (M. Sereno), Spring Schoenhuth, Steve Stiles, and Mansik Yang.”

The winner will be announced at the Hugo Awards in Helsinki this August (Worldcon 75 will take place in Helsinki, Finland, 9-13 August 2017).

Frozen by Steve Stiles.
Frozen by Steve Stiles.

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