Solid State: a Psi-Kicks story by: GF Willmetts.

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Sara Seeker walked out onto the runway, oblivious to the aircraft taking off and landing on the nearby runways. She sat down cross-legged as an aircraft took off over her head, barely ruffling her spiky red hair. She briefly scanned. The pilot was telling the tower of her presence but told she was part of airport security. Sara smiled. She could quite as easily have shown an Interpol ID but that one had provided the least worries. She needed to feel the flow of the air and the transition of people.

Tracking Vampiri was going to be tough. If the Fey could vanish in the corner of the eye then the Vampiri were practically invisible to the norms if they chose to be. Her encounter with Fernfaire showed that even Psionics weren’t totally immune, especially paradoxically when they grouped. Now she had to find two of them. With signatures that absorbed psionic energy, surely they would attract her attention, like black holes, drawing in her energy looking for holes. According to the Baroness, they hadn’t eaten for some time. Would that act as a beacon? She closed her eyes and relaxed and reached out.

Planet Stories Pulp.

‘Do you always have suicidal tendencies, New World Psionic?’

‘Not when I’m sitting down, Old World Vampiri. You ought to sit down, Basilee Elyn. I doubt the pilots will spot you. No sense having your head knocked off by mistake although we’re under their glide path. I doubt even you could recover from that.’

The Vampiri sat down next to her and adopted the same cross-legged posture as another aircraft took off over their heads.

‘How was the flight here?’

‘I got passage on a military jet. I don’t think the pilot saw he had a passenger.’

‘I did want you here quick. I’m having problems with the Vampiri signature. I’ve only met one other Vampiri and he belonged to the Brotherhood. I was right to think your Sisterhood gives off a different vibe.’

‘You can tell the difference?’

‘I’m not sure yet. I’ll need to touch your skin. Do a proper scan.’

‘I will absorb your psionic energy when you do that.’

‘It will be a trade off. I’m sure I have energy to spare.’

‘Unlike the Brotherhood, we don’t keep Psionics to feed off. I will not be able to control my hunger.’

Sara turned to the Vampiri. Basilee Elyn had long dark hair, obsidian eyes and a pale pallor. There was energy in her eyes as she rolled up her sleeve. Like Psionics, the Vampiri preferred to be dressed in black. Nothing more nefarious than to keep their warmth in and keeping their energies concentrated.

‘You’re not refusing?’

‘I need to warm up the trail. You people are hard to track and I didn’t even touch Fernfaire.’

‘I can’t control this.’

‘Neither can I.’

Sara touched Basilee’s skin and both of them exhaled together and shared an anti-climax.

‘Nothing happened.’

‘You’re used to this?’

‘You’re pedigree compared to what I normally taste. Sara Seeker. I presume you’re of a breed of trackers to have kept such a name?’

‘Something like that.’

‘How long does it take to work?’

‘It depends. It feels like a direction finder.’

‘I feel two…’

‘They were divided.’

‘One’s gone to North America. The other is a lot closer.’

‘Am I sharing with you?’

‘Yeah! I wasn’t aware that it would work with Vampiri.’

‘Are you spaking to them?’

‘To some of my people. They’ll go to the USA.’

‘Don’t the Americans dislike the Stable on their land?’

‘Only if they find out. Then we say sorry if we’re discovered long afterwards. Rarely happens. Can any of your people join them?’

Basilee looked upward. ‘Far too much light. Transport’s a bitch. They check cargo too much since al-Qaeda.’

‘You ought to try heavy sunblock and go first class.’

‘And drain the entire passenger list by just sitting around? It would look too unusual if it happens a lot. Our transport is supposed to protect them from us.’

‘I hadn’t known.’

‘Will this cause any problems for Olicia or Charlyse?’

‘We survive by being discrete.’

‘And not over-eating mental energy.’

‘Which is difficult because that’s our eating habit.’

‘I’ve got a fix.’


‘Catholic county.’

‘They’ve always wanted proof that we exist.’

‘And the Pattern has handed them one on a plate or in her freight box.’

Vampiri and Psionic looked at each other.

‘Will it take long for it to open?’

‘She’ll get out eventually.’

‘Escape or fight?’

‘Depends on the situation. She’ll still resemble the vampire of old to them. Being in a crate that looks like a coffin will justify the belief. She’ll also be hungry and could possibly drain everyone around her without thinking. We have to find her quick.’

Sara paused to think. ‘We’ll go in with a plan…but I don’t think they’ll keep her in Rome.’

‘Why not?’

‘Too near to the Pope. He’s not on tour. They’ll want to keep him safe.’

‘But still Rome first?’

‘That’s where the trail begins. Probably to one of Italy’s islands.’

‘How did you work that out?’

‘They think classical vampire and you aren’t supposed to like crossing moving water. They’ll think she’s trapped.’

Basilee gave a slight nod. ‘Caught by our own myth.’

‘We could do with someone familiar with the priesthood.’

‘I’ll need to make a call.’




The boat eased up on the shore, not far from the village of Cala d’Oliva on Asinara Island in the early evening. A formal penal colony but now a wildlife sanctuary populated by donkeys. The full moon beckoning from the sky across the Mediterranean. The priest and two nuns stalked up the beach with two of them having shimmering shadows as if caught in a heat haze.

‘Of all the islands, it seems an odd choice, Sara.’

‘Not really. An island that once housed a penal colony has to be pretty hard to get off of. I’m glad you’re here, Fernfaire, but I’m not sure how you and Basilee are going to walk through whatever surveillance tech they have here. It’s bound to detect something, even your clothes. I’m sure you both have heat signatures.’

‘You do the talking. You’re supposed to be good at that. We’ll worry about not being seen.’

‘Just don’t forget we’re going to dispel them of the belief in vampires. Do you think whichever Vampiri is in the freight can play dead long enough to get her out if I channel your thoughts to her?’

‘Do you know exactly where she is now, Sara?’ asked Basilee.

Sara stopped and closed her eyes. ‘The facility is that way, below ground. Converted catacombs. No wonder they didn’t have to excavate much soil.’

‘So it’s a maze. You seek. That should be easy.’

‘I’m scanning their security. Militia. Very sophisticated. They store rare artefacts here as well. There’s vents or we can use the front door.’

‘You probably have one of her cards that says you works for the Pope.’

Sara smiled and pulled out her wallet and wandered down the cards. ‘I didn’t even have time to lift one but I might have one that will pass the computer identification.’

‘And if not?’

‘Then I do as you say, I convince.’

They kept walking until they reached a small incline and Sara waved a card in the air and a hidden door slid open.

Inside was a security room with a hooded warden waiting.

‘Spolia quam capi metet.’

‘Is that the password?’ asked Basilee.

The man pulled back his hood and the two men looked at each other. They were identical.

‘Hello, Sara.’

‘Fernfaire…meet Fernfaire. Pretty close considering he never met you before.’

Sara turned and hit Basilee in the solar plexus and then a punch to her jaw, leaving her on the ground. The hooded Fernfaire took out his doppelgänger with a single punch to the jaw. Both Pattern reverted to their normal form. Both of them were dark haired and their skin became pink, quickly losing the pale pallor.

Sara put her finger to her mouth and then to her head. Fernfaire nodded reluctantly.

<They rely too much on appearance than combat. As far as I know they can’t spake although they do know it goes on. I wasn’t sure I could give you enough time to get here first.>

<Only as far as here. How did you know?>

<The Baroness. Having to find the other Vampiri gave me a chance to get close to a Pattern without them realising. Two became the bonus and I need to know why they were tracking Basilee after sending her away from Japan and why here? They knew the opening Vampiri protocol but nothing else. They didn’t even correct me for called the Brethren the Brotherhood and they cast shadows as we came in. They learn quick though. She also told me she’d came in on a military jet but hadn’t drained the pilot. You practically absorb any light for its energy.>

<How many children did Medea have?>

<We’re going to have to get past that drunken shield to find that out. I hope it’s the real Basilee that’s here or I’ll have another one to locate. One of the others is in the States and already chasing down. We should rescue whoever is here first then find out what they want here.>

<I thought we were untrackable?>

Sara smiled as she went to the door and he followed down the corridor.

<We all have our secrets, Fernfaire. Shall we keep to my plan? I’m sure you’re as curious as I am as to what they want.>

Fernfaire put up his hood.

<Would you act more like I was guarding you?>


Sara slowed down.

<This is an unusual place. I knew the Vatican had secrets but hiding them here is very surreal. A labyrinth is very old religion. Do you know your way around here?>

<I couldn’t find a map.>

Sara stopped and closed her eyes. This time she spoke. ‘No one’s here in this section. There’s a lot more people further in. Probably some guards.’

‘Can we avoid them?’

Sara turned and smiled. ‘Eat your heart out, Perseus. We should be able to avoid most of them. This way.’

‘I hope they don’t keep a minotaur down here.’

‘As if you couldn’t tame the big boy.’

‘You probably could with that charm of yours.’




‘That hurt. Well, I can’t hide that one. Can I chew some more garlic please? I haven’t eaten for a couple days and I need my strength. Some of that holy water, too. I have a terrific thirst.’

Monsignor Gillait looked down at the woman in disbelief as the stake through her heart had little effect and as the other two priests held her arms. She hadn’t offered any resistance since her box had opened and had happily drank the holy water after pulling the bottle from his hand. She also hadn’t stopped talking since they opened her coffin an hour ago.

‘What are you if not a vampire, witch?’

‘Look, chum, I’m not a vampire or witch. You missed my heart. I just have a problem with sunlight. It gives me a rotten suntan. I have to travel freight because of it. My box is fully pressurised with its own compressed oxygen supply if you only looked.’

Monsignor Gillait looked down at the pale women in disbelief. She faded in and out of vision like some spectre, coming back when he squinted, but was really physically there because he had touched her warm arm. Not a ghost. Not cold as should be expected of some corpse, the nosteratu, the undead The two priests with him looked to him. Whatever she was, the woman clearly was not reacting like the textbook had said.

There was a gentle knock at the door and a nun and priest entered.

‘Pardon, Monsignor. This is Father Tremayne and I am Sister Lament. We are here on direct orders of his holiness to undo a serious error and we only just missed you.’

The nun looked down at the stabbed girl and said, shocked, ‘Monsignor. Have you tried killing her?’

Gillait shook his head. ‘She lives. Didn’t you hear her talking.’

‘The woman raised her hand and gave a wave. ‘Hi, there. Not dead. Just resting and feeling a bit like a pinned butterfly.’

‘The woman here has a medical condition that makes her immune to pain and ultra-sensitive to light. Even her organs are not in the right places. His holiness received a message about this young lady and sent us to ensure it was not the person you said was a vampire. This unfortunate girl also has a rare medical condition that is contagious…you haven’t touched her, have you?’

Again, Gillait shook his head, showing his hands. ‘We wore gloves.’

‘That might not help. We were sent because we had been given the inoculation. You three are to return to the Vatican and report to the medical centre. Tell the doctor there that you each need 10ml of potion 427/X. You’ll then need to stay in the isolation ward for ten days to ensure you are not contagious. It could be fatal and she has been after a cure for some time. Do you understand the danger you are in?’

‘How do we get there without contaminating anyone?’

The Sister closed her eyes briefly. ‘There is a choppe…a helicopter arriving at the helipad in a couple minutes. Do not talk to the pilot. He will get you there as quickly as possible.’

‘And her?’

‘We are here to help this poor lady get to her destination and pray for her forgiveness. I trust you three will do the same in isolation. You are dismissed.’

They watched the three priests leave before ‘Tremayne’ gently pulled the stake from out of the woman’s chest.

Sister Lamont called after then, ‘And stop using such primitive tools to verify such claims. It’s quite primitive in this modern age.’

‘Damn, you’re good. Is she the silver-tongued Psionic we heard about, Fernfaire?’

The male Vampiri nodded as he pulled the stake out of her body. ‘Can we be overheard or do we have to spake, Sara?’

‘No, their out of earshot and panicking. We’re alone enough here.’

‘Bazille Elyn, meet Sara Seeker.’ Both nodded to each other.

‘Sorry I couldn’t get to Japan but you see my predicament,’ she said sitting up. ‘It looks like someone didn’t pay attention to the address label or maybe they did. Did you get the mother?’

‘Safe and sound.’

‘I told you we should trust them, Fernfaire. Can you pass me that bottle, Sara. I’m getting a taste for holy water.’

Bazille got out of the box and sat on the corner of the rim and emptied the bottle.

‘Holy water?’

‘’They bought a boxful. I won’t mind if she doesn’t and I need some water and some psionic energy to restore my flesh. I heard that you’ve never seen how we feed?’

Sara began to reach her hand out but was stopped by Fernfaire. ‘Are you aware that she hypnotised you, Sara?’

‘No, she hasn’t and yes, I’m curious to see you feed. The Pattern didn’t do anything for me. You’re far more open about that than Fernfaire.’ Sara turned to Basilee, scanning. ‘You last fed a week ago. Your batteries need recharging and we have work to do. Don’t drain me totally. I need some energy of my own.’

Basilee nodded and completed her touch but stopped after a few seconds. ‘Why is it I feel like I’m the one being drained.’

The gaping flesh in her chest slowly developed a large scab but was rapidly closing.

‘I see you’re healing. It took Fernfaire longer with bullets. Can we go?’

Basilee jumped down from the table, looking down at the torn buttons of her blouse. ‘Good thing blood’s the new black.’

‘I bought a spare habit. You might as well look the part.’

‘As if anyone will see us.’

‘That depends on eye contact.’ Sara paused. ‘They’ve gone into one of the deepest areas…’

‘What are they after?’

‘I don’t have a manifest but they wanted you here for a reason. Us, too. So whatever they’re after, they must think can stop us as well.’

‘What would the Church want to keep hidden here and not in the Vatican? Something that would hit on their power? Is there anything in the past that was wrong but the mythologies got right? Maybe the Golden Fleece or even the Midas ability?’

‘We’re relatively new Vampiri, Sara. The older ones only worry about the present.’

Sara closed her eyes. ‘There’s a lot of blocked off routes down here. I can walk us through them but we won’t be any wiser what the Pattern were after.’

‘I doubt it’s the Holy Grail. Indiana Jones bottled that up in America.’

Sara opened her eyes, winced and stared at Basilee. ‘Let’s hope that’s not real. One or both of your sisters is over there and about to be rescued.’

She closed them again. ‘I have a better plan. Basilee wasn’t their objective. I have no desire to let the Pattern get the runner’s up prize.’


‘It might be what they wanted all along.’




‘Well, it seemed a better plan,’ Sara said examining the situation, ‘even if they got here first.’

Two guards were slumped on the floor and the two Pattern were frozen like statues in their tracks. They had changed their appearances again.

‘Who were they supposed to be?’ Fernfaire said as he touched their flesh. ‘They’re like statues.’

‘No, they are statues and in a different shape.’

Sara winced. ‘Are we talking Gorgons? I thought that was mythology? Real mythology.’

‘You’re friends with the Baroness and the Fey. Things are never quite what they seem. Look at us? We don’t even suck blood.’

‘Too much iron,’ added Basilee, smiling.

‘Mythologies are distortions of truth. This looks like the real thing. There were only two that I know of. Midas and Gorgons. These aren’t gold.’

‘The Vatican kept all three Gorgons?’

Sara poked her head into the cell. ‘Maybe only one. It’s not that big and full of mirrors. Maybe she kept herself as a statue.’

‘Beats having her head being chopped off.’

‘If she’s capable of this, then I don’t think anyone could get that close to her,’ Sara looked at the dumbfounded Vampiri. ‘Look at how strong and fast you two are. Do you think these Gorgons wouldn’t be super-human as well. How would someone like Perseus with a shield get close to any of them?’

Fernfaire clapped his hands together. ‘These two aren’t a problem anymore. We have a rescue mission. Save this Gorgon and get us all out safely. There might be other Pattern here or outside.’

‘Wouldn’t they be working alone in here, Sara?’ Basilee asked. ‘Some direction would be useful in this maze.’

Sara closed her eyes. ‘If they have accomplices, they must be outside. Remember the difficulty they had getting in here. It’s the people in here we have to worry about. If she turns them all into statues, there’ll be a lot more to explain. An evacuation could be used as our own smokescreen. Spread the word about the contagion to any you meet.’

‘She’s good, Fernfaire.’

‘I’m sure you’ll find us when we’re needed.’

‘I’ll give you an image of the maze. Think my way if you need help. And remember you’re people of the cloth. The guards should obey you.’

With that, the Vampiri were gone.

Sara walked to the next corridor. ‘They might not have noticed you trying to zap us but I felt it. I wasn’t surprised the Vampiri were immune to your…talent, just me and I survived it as well.’

A plain brown-haired woman in a brown robe came out of the shadows. ‘You are not Nosferatu?’

‘Long after your time. I’m a Psionic. Mind talents. I must have shared with my two friends and immune to your…talent.’

‘You speak excellent Greek.’

‘I speak tongues to all people. Part of my talent. I brush the speech centre of the brain and you understand. It’s an automatic reflex. Just as your ability keeps trying to zap me. Before I can help you, I need your name.’

‘I am Euryale.’

‘Euryale. As in the Gorgons but not Medusa but the same talent?’

The woman nodded. ‘We are that well-known?’

‘Distorted by mythology. You’re supposed to have hair of snakes, steel hands and an ability to turn people into stone. Looks like the last is true except it looks like some sort of paralysis.’

‘My sisters?’

‘Only two, right? That would be Stheno and Medusa? You all have the same ability?’

The woman nodded. ‘

‘At least they didn’t try to decapitate you.’


Sara made the gesture of her finger against her own throat. ‘Decapitate. Apparently the fate of Medusa. Legend says a man called Perseus did it.’

The woman laughed. ‘We worked together with that pirate and traded to get off the island of Colchis. We turned his enemies to stone. We left. We went our different ways,’ she paused, ‘for safety.’

‘I have no idea what happened to your sisters then. The history has been distorted with time. How could they catch you? Reflective shields work then?’

‘Enforced imprisonment. I cast at my own reflection and stayed as a statue. They must have caged me that way.’

‘You have a whole new language to learn and reality to adapt to. You’ve been imprisoned at least a couple thousand years. Things have changed a lot in that time. It’s said that you’re immortal which we see as extended life, so all you’ve missed is a lot of history.’

‘Which is?’

‘Much more advanced and technological. You wouldn’t recognise it without some education. The old pantheons imploded and those two you stopped belong to a new order that is after world domination. I have to ask, do they see you as a friend or threat? After all, you did say you helped Perseus and he was part of the old pantheon.’

Euryale looked Sara in the eye. ‘I have no idea. I thought they were my captors trying to look like my sisters.’

‘Very well. But looking at how they were becoming duplicates of you, they might well have been wanting that talent of yours. We can’t let that possibility get out. Let’s put them in your cell and lock it. If they’ve absorbed enough of your talent they might well stay in this condition.’

‘People can do this now?’

‘It seems only of this pantheon can. So can some of my own people. We call it share. I’m currently part Vampiri. I’d rather not find out if I can share with you. We need to get you out as quietly as possible. No statues. Can you do control that?’ Sara paused. ‘How long does the effect last normally? I mean, does a longer stare prolong the effect.’

‘A couple hours or weeks depending on how long I concentrate.’

‘That maybe too long. No statues. In this disguise, I can get us past most people.’

‘Sara, I cannot control that.’

‘Then you’ll have to trust me to get you out. I take it you would like that?’

‘You have a plan?’

‘Maybe but I don’t have a spare habit. Come with me.’

Sara took Euryale to where they found Basilee’s crate, explaining some of the events along the way.

‘Whoever is after you is expecting this crate to go out. It’s the one the Vampiri use when travelling to prevent them getting sunburn. We can take you out in that…’

‘That might not be possible. I do not like confined spaces.’

‘You’re claustrophobic?’

‘Your image is correct.’

‘But you’ve been confined in that cell for two thousand years.’

‘Not awake.’

‘Can you zap yourself again?’

Euryale looked around and picked up the crucifix and looked at her reflection in its golden light. ‘Doesn’t work’

‘Maybe it’s not big enough.’ Sara closed her eyes. ‘This is a religious place. Mirrors are probably seen as being too egotistical.’


‘Big-headed. I do have a solution but you could end up as a statue again for a time. At least no one will scan…detect you in transit. You can stay with the Vampiri…Nosferatu until your ability calms down because they’re immune. I’ll arrange with Fernfaire to visit and find out why the Pattern are after you.’

‘How will you do that?’

‘I have my ways.’

There was a flash of energy.




‘Hello Fernfaire…Basilee.’

‘What have you done to Euryale?’

‘I shared her…talent, got her in the crate and froze her. With Basilee disguised as a nun, anyone watching will assume she’s being carried out. We’ll put a mirror inside the lid once we’re back in Rome and she’ll stay that way when in transit to the Sisterhood.’

‘Can she hear us in that state?’

‘I’m not getting any mental response.’

‘She’ll let you keep her that way until we can figure out why the Pattern want her so badly. More so when those two didn’t return.’

‘That might make them eager. What did you do to them, Sara?’ Basilee asked.

‘They were sharing her ability when she zapped them. Left in her cell, they’ll probably stay that way.’

‘And no one will check inside the cage…or just see statues. Very clever, Sara.’

‘Why thank you, Fernfaire. It’s nice to be appreciated. I’m glad you both understood my message to talk to her alone. She knows your people as Nosferatu. Being called Vampiri must be more recent?’

‘We are all legends. We are more recent Vampiri.’

‘She was a little fearful. There was also a hint that all three Gorgon sisters were once imprisoned on an island. We need to find them as well.’

‘This is your field, Fernfaire.’

The Vampiri nodded. ‘The Gorgons were feared. Mostly Medusa than her sisters according to legend.’

‘Medusa was the protector.’

Sara turned as she saw out of the corner of her eye that Basilee had opened a hidden panel in her crate.

‘There is no air supply, Sara.’

‘She’s a statue, Basilee. Why would she need air?’

‘If we’re longer than an hour or two to the mainland. Open it, Basilee. It won’t take a moment to reset.’



The lid sprung open and a red-faced Sara Seeker sat up and gestured. The second Sara instantly froze as a statue.

After several deep breaths, ‘That was quick thinking from both of you. I didn’t realise I could spake from in here.’

‘My carriage is supposed to keep out psionic energy,’ Basilee offered, helping Sara out of the box. ‘That would explain why you couldn’t find me.’

‘She also called the Sodality the Sisterhood and although I never told you the right name, you wouldn’t have used it.’

‘Or at least not without apologising, Fernfaire.’

‘What happened?’

‘I offered to share her ability and turn her into a statue to get her out of here only she absorbed my share and…I woke up in the…carriage. I was picking up some odd information from her as well. She went on the attack as soon as she had the edge. Even got our language. Until they did the deal with Peresus, they were imprisoned on Colchis and I had to wonder why they split. It might not be wise to bring them together, especially the way she froze those two Pattern. One looked distinctively like Medea. It looks like she absorbed their ability to shape-shift.’

‘I thought she was another Pattern.’ Basilee offered.

‘Medea? She’s had many names, why not another?’ Fernfaire pondered.

‘She might not have bred this latest pantheon but she has a talent we hadn’t thought about. The third Gorgon, Sthero, is still out there somewhere. They seem to share their powers but that sound like the Graeae. You know, one eye and a tooth between them. Maybe their talents have a similar limitation. Maybe Medea doesn’t have this ability at the moment.’

‘She might also have been telling the truth about not breeding.’

‘Maybe we should keep them all drunk,’ offered Basilee.

‘Whatever. We do need to find out what is going on and we literally need to keep Euryale in this state until we do. The last people she should get in contact with now is the Pattern although I don’t think they’ll be happy that she already stopped two of them.’

‘And the plan?’

‘That stays as it is. With something reflective inside the carriage, she’ll stay a statue for the moment. With you Vampiri, she can’t attack and so she’s better with you.’

‘And we are not manipulatable?’

‘I hope not.’

‘If she’s a pure Psionic, then you have a potential energy source to absorb.’

‘I think we’d rather keep her a statue although it would keep her energy levels down. I will have to consult.’

‘And our problems have just doubled. We still have to find both Olicia Noctoree and Charlyse Valneria as well as Stheno.’

‘Should I give a blessing?’

‘Only to anyone we meet on the way out.’

‘And see if you can find me another habit to wear. I feel rather holy at the moment.’




(c) GF Willmetts 2015

Psi-Kicks: The Stable Consultancy, Sara Seeker


Basilee Elyn, Olicia Noctoree and Charlyse Valneria

myths can’t be copyrighted but they might turn you into stone

Category: Scifi, Short fiction

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