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Star Wars Cookbook: BB-ATE Awaken To The Force Of Breakfast And Brunch by Lara Starr (book review).

Flexing my cooking fingers and checking I still have all my digits before commenting with ‘The Star Wars Cookbook’. I’m only slightly hampered by having not seen the last two films. Please send all your old DVDs to me. This is one of a series with different cookery ideas and silly titles.

This is aimed at novice cooks and covers breakfast and brunch, which is the new lunch because no one gets up early enough for breakfast. As far as I can tell none of these recipes bears any resemblance to anything eaten in the films and it’s an exercise in getting the most puns and names of characters inserted into each one.

As it’s aimed at the novice or rather the younger cook, this book has two pages of helpful safety tips followed by a list of essential equipment. There is a comprehensive list of recipes under different sections with various intriguing names.

This book is nicely illustrated with several photographs of the recipes, occasionally accompanied by an action figure or the odd bit of space equipment. It’s in a hardcover spiral which helps keep it open which is very useful for cooking purposes.

What I like about the book is the majority of the recipes are set out on one page with a clear list of ingredients. The method is in numbered steps and is fairly straightforward.

Most the recipes are healthy without being smug and don’t have too many ingredients. It’s a treat to get a recipe book for kids that offers a wide range of great ideas with lots of different tastes to try. Most of them are fairly simple but there are more advanced including ‘Luggabeast Of A Quiche’ which is a non-pastry pie.

I think this might encourage your little Lukes and Leias to gave a go. Sorry I don’t have any idea what happened after 1985. Good luck and enjoy your eggs over easy. Something to use your Hans for.

Sue Davies

February 2018

(pub: Chronicle Books. 60 page illustrated hardback. Price: £13.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-45216-298-0)

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