Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two trailer (video).

Oh, joy! Just when you thought you’ve had enough of Star Trek, Paramount+ rolls out a second season for their new spin-off, because who needs new ideas when you can milk a franchise dry? Welcome to “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” an 11th series exploring the galaxy and boldly going where… well, you get the gist.

This time, we’re thrown into more prequel goodness to The Original Series, focusing on Captain Christopher Pike, Spock, and Number One. It’s like a love letter to fans who can’t get enough of those iconic characters. And let’s not forget the contemporary take on episodic storytelling and 1960s designs, because who doesn’t love nostalgia?

Now, if you’re thinking this is just another Star Trek series, you’re… right. But hey, at least we get to see Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn breathe new life into these familiar roles. Plus, we’re introduced to a bunch of new characters to get emotionally invested in before they inevitably suffer tragic fates or fade into obscurity.

Strange New Worlds premiered on Paramount+ in 2022, and it’s already been renewed for a third season. Clearly, there’s no shortage of strange new worlds to explore or money to be made. So, buckle up, Trekkies! Because like it or not, the Star Trek Universe keeps expanding, whether you’re on board or not.

This second season will be on Paramount+, on June 15th 2023.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two trailer (video).
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