Star Trek Enterprise: complete virtual interior!

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Just as there are hobbyists and then there are hobbyists, I guess there are trekkies and then there are trekkies – and the people behind the Enterprise-D Construction Project are definitely in the latter camp, as they embark on their historic 3 year mission to build a complete 42-deck three dimensional virtual reality interior of Star Trek’s best girl – the Enterprise D.

Well, my little science fiction fans, if you didn’t feel the need to rush and get yourself one of those Oculus-style helmets before, how about now?

This ship is being created in the Unreal Engine and is Oculus Rift ready. 3D sims of popular fantasy and science fiction worlds are bound to become a big draw in the near future, not least because creators could probably charge a small entrance fee to ‘tourists’ – visit Hogwarts, take a tour of Captain Mal’s Serenity, wander the streets of Stephen Hunt’s Middlesteel … the hours of potential fun are almost endless.

And if imagined realms are not your thing, what do you bet that Google eventually 3Ds their Street View system so you can pop your Oculus on and go for a VR walk through popular real world destinations, too?

Star Trek Enterprise: complete virtual interior!

Star Trek Enterprise: complete virtual interior!


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  1. Hal Jordan says:

    Go into Second Life and you can find many different starship classes that you can walk through, sit at the bridge stations, etc. You can roleplay being a starship crewman and rise through the ranks the way you might be able to in Starfleet. These guys are several years behind the times, LOL.

  2. UncleGeoff says:

    Do you suppose that the first thing people will do is seek out the heads (toilets to those off ship) to see if there are any instructions inside to use them.

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