Star Trek Discovery (next season spoilers).

Warning, dear readers, what follows are some spoilers for the next season of Star Trek Discovery. Ready? Prepared? Okay, you’ve been warned.

It comes in one of the bonus scenes from the first series, just released. In it, the clip shows Mirror Universe Empress Georgiou enjoying some me-time in the Klingon “entertainment zone” when she’s approached by a Trill who is actually a human agent in camouflage – representing Section 31 and bearing a job offer to join the Federation’s dodgiest Black Ops hardass outfit.

Hey, Prime Directive, what Prime Directive?

Empress Georgiou should fit right in with Section 31’s flexible moral code, right? Maybe even give her a chance to start turning the Federation into something a little closer to the Terran Empire back home?

Trouble awaits the crew of The Discovery in season two of Star Trek Discovery, we suspect, as does some juicy guest roles for actor Michelle Yeoh!

This brings some substance to the rumours from the studio that we might see Jason Isaacs return after being imprisoned by Section 31, who secretly placed Lorca’s evil Mirror Universe twin on the bridge as their choice for commanding the Federation’s vital secret weapons-platform vessel.

Star Trek Discovery (next season spoilers).
Take the black badge … join Section 31.

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