Space 1999’s lost episode that could have offered closure (video).

Space: 1999, the British sci-fi series that aired from 1975 to 1977, remains a cult classic among fans. The series followed the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha as they faced various challenges while the Moon was hurtled through space after a nuclear explosion. However, fans were left with no closure to the storyline when the show ended abruptly after its second season. Recent discussions have brought to light an almost-produced episode that would have given some kind of closure to the show, but was halted by producer Fred Freiberger.

The Lost Episode: Children of the Gods

The unproduced episode, titled “Children of the Gods,” was a concept by writer Johnny Byrne. It would have introduced a race of highly advanced aliens who were testing the Alphans’ abilities to face challenges by sending them back in time to interact with their own descendants. As one commenter noted, the fact that these future descendants existed indicated that the Alphans would ultimately succeed in their mission.

The episode would have provided a unique meta twist to the storyline, potentially hinting at the identity of the future civilization rather than stating it outright, allowing viewers to have the realization of its meaning.

Reasons for Halt and Fan Reactions

Fred Freiberger, the producer who joined the series for its second season, was known for his significant changes to the show’s style and format. He halted the production of “Children of the Gods,” and the episode was never made. Fans have since referred to Freiberger as the “kiss of death” for sci-fi shows, especially due to his preference for “alien of the week” episodes.

Fans of the series have expressed their disappointment in the lost opportunity to create a fitting conclusion to the show. Many feel that “Children of the Gods” would have been an ideal ending, providing closure and a sense of resolution to the Alphans’ journey.

Though “Children of the Gods” was never produced, a short film titled “Message from Moonbase Alpha” was later made, providing some resolution to the series. This short film featured Zienia Merton, who played Sandra Benes in the original series, as she sent a final message to Earth before Moonbase Alpha was evacuated. Fans have since lamented the lost opportunity to properly wrap up the Alphans’ story, but the short film “Message from Moonbase Alpha” provided some small semblance of closure. The cheeky discussions surrounding the unproduced episode and its potential impact on the series serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of Space: 1999 and its passionate fanbase.


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