South Korea’s new surprise for the North: robot sentries!

Somebody at South Korean robot company DoDaam has been watching the movie Aliens a little too much – as demonstrated by their new Super Aegis 2 robot sentry – handy for use against hostile xenomorphs and North Korean invaders. Watch the video of this bad boy at work and be glad you’re not coming up on a fence mounted with a Super Aegis 2 sentry! It’s got a three mile range and thermal targeting/night vision and can be remote-operated by humans or set to auto-target hostiles with missiles, anti-tank cannons, grenades and a 300 round per second mini-gun.

Let’s just hope those sneaky damn aliens don’t crawl along the ceiling space, right?

Sir, yes, sir!

Super Aegis 2 sentry.
You got enough ammo for that thing, Hicks?

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