Snowpiercer (science fiction TV series trailer).

From French graphic novel (Le Transperceneige) to Korean scifi movie to American TV series – with a pedigree like that, how can the Snowpiercer TV series fail?

This is the tale of the last survivors of an ice age accidentally created by machines intended to reverse global warming, stuck on an armoured survival train zooming in circuits around the globe. Never too sure how the logic of that? Maybe if they were following a moving warm patch, it would make sense – otherwise, why not just hunker down in a nuclear heated bunker with underground greenhouses?

Well, it was always meant as a parable about the 1% of the 1% eating the rest of us to survive.

Snowpiercer arrives via the TNT network on 31st May 2020.

Snowpiercer (science fiction TV series trailer).
Snowpiercer (science fiction TV series trailer)

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