Skyfall best-selling Bond film… like, ever!

This weekend just passed, Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie, officially became the best-performing Bond film of all time (as well as the longest-running film franchise in film history), with a global cumulative of $669.2 million… stomping all over the $599.2 million worldwide total taken by Casino Royale in 2006, as if it was a hard-hat wearing henchman in an orange jumpsuit.

Jeff Blake, Sony Picture’s CEO, chomped on a large cigar and told SFcrowsnest, “Exceeding $4 billion globally is a true rarity in this industry and it’s an extraordinary accomplishment for all of us at Sony Pictures. From The Amazing Spider-Man and Skyfall to 21 Jump Street, Resident Evil, The Vow and Hotel Transylvania, we couldn’t be more proud of the way our films have performed all over the world.”

Ah, large amounts of money… come in, we’ve been expecting you!

Skyfall, the new James Bond film
Skyfall or Bondskid?

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