Skinwalkers At The Pentagon by James T. Lacatski, Colm A. Kelleher, and George Knapp (book review).

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The title of James T. Lacatski, Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp’s book, ‘Skinwalkers At The Pentagon’, is a bit of a misnomer. It doesn’t mean aliens are walking the American government buildings, but how UAPs/UFOs are now no longer being dismissed as in the days of Project Blue Book – but warranting serious investigation, more so based on the number of reports received, especially from the military.

I suspect the latter made it impossible to be ignored because these are trained eye witnesses. Don’t be surprised if I add my own comments along the way as I read this book.

Senator Harry Reid, who I’ve just discovered died in December 2021, opens up with an introduction pointing out his own involvement and interest in UAPs. A senator for Nevada, but brought up in a town distant from its more famous casino town, Reid was also responsible for American government funding various investigation groups. From my comments about the previous book, ‘Hunt For The Skinwalkers’, this does explain why funding moves from group to group based on how long the funding exists for each of them.

As explained in the appendix, governmental funding tends to fluctuate a lot. Reading into this, I can see benefits that each group probably gives fresh eyes to the evidence although might lose a bit of continuity, being able to avoid repetitions. Again, previous research needs to be passed from organisation to organisation to avoid too much repetition and to move forward. 143 military reports with only one being terrestrial should be more than raised eyebrows and we certainly need more of a worldwide overview to see if there are any patterns or are we missing a flap.

If anything, the USA is lagging behind Russia and China’s interest in UAPs, although I suspect they haven’t gotten much further than assessing reports. If all three countries can get over their differences on other subjects, pooling information on sightings is in mankind’s interest if patterns are to be found.

Much of the opening of this book focuses on the people involved and government funding. It still doesn’t explain why Robert Bigelow sold the Skinwalker Ranch in 2016 although look at his age, it might literally be just that. Again, the appendix points out Bigelow wanted to put his funds elsewhere but found select a wealthy purchaser, Brandon Fugal, willing to carry on the research. It’s equally worrying that so many of the people involved are getting older and one would hope that the generation coming up will share their enthusiasm. Saying that, based off our own UAP coverage at SFCrowsnest, there is still enthusiasm to know just what is going on.

Certainly the UFO action groups are determined to remove fake reports simply because they get in the way of real observations. Considering the tic-tac and triangular lit UAPs have been consistently been seen now, it does suggest something regular that is not terrestrial. Remember, what Reid managed to sway the Pentagon on was Russia and China are also investigating UAPs as well, so its not a phenomenon just associated with the USA or UK. Mind you, we haven’t, as far as I know, had small glowing blue ball sightings over here. Reading these reports and how they cause hallucinations and medical conditions is worrying though.

I’m less sure if this is intentional or we’re just encountering non-terrestrial drones deterring further investigation. At least it doesn’t appear to be like the so-called men in black, ah, except with the Derek Jones case, even if they do appear to be government agents. With the complexity of the various covert agencies in the USA, it wouldn’t surprise me that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is up to and vice versa. Again, you would think it would be relatively easy to see which UAP encounters have had such investigations and see if there is a pattern in their selection. Considering one measurement of the triangular craft as 300 ft long, you do have to wonder why it isn’t seen more often. At near ground level, it would be as big as a supermarket overhead, which would be a big shadow.

Oh, the Russian investigation unit is called Thread. Again, we certainly need a clearer picture across the world of these UAP sightings across the world, looking at times and where if we are going to build up a pattern of these flaps. I mean, why have a concentration in Brazil other than from an ecology point of view?

The appendixes cover a lot more ground than the main aspect of the book and should be read. What is curious about their history of UAPs is it starts with the Kenneth Arnold sightings in 1947 rather than go back a few years and the foo fighters that tracked World War Two aircraft and noted by military personal. Speaking of Arnold, I thought his sighting had been dismissed as being thought to be pelicans, however the mention of these blue balls apparently plagued them as well.

There are still some holes in the analysis that need to be explored. The list of equipment being used to observe UAPs leaves a grey area. Jean Dietz, one of the caretaker farmers at the Skinwalker Ranch, points out the vibration of underground machinery ticking over. Although I doubt if its terrestrial, you would think if they can’t do major digs why not use seismograph equipment to measure any vibrations and get some proper verification. Equally, no check on whether Utah has earthquake lines. They don’t have to be big to give off some vibration but at least no one is blaming marsh gas for hallucinations this time.

I think this book will make you think and, hopefully, in our own lifetimes, we might finally get some answers as to what is going on. If we are being observed by a non-terrestrial technology, then they aren’t doing a good job at hiding their presence.

GF Willmetts

January 2022

(pub: RTMA, LLC, 2021. 225 page indexed small enlarged paperback. Price: I pulled my copy for about £11.00 (UK). ISBN: 979-8-48763-965-3)

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