Sci-Fi London Film Festival 2023: a journey into the Stellar Side of Cinema? (event news)

Galactic film explorers, assemble, for the Sci-Fi London Film Festival 2023 is fast approaching on the horizon, and it’s set to be a space-faring spectacle like no other.

Mark 31st May to 6th June 2023 in your interstellar itineraries and prepare for a celestial celebration of the best in science fiction and fantastical film from all corners of the cosmos – and by cosmos, we mean our humble globe!

The festival commences with a high-octane flick showcasing “UFO Sweden”. This is a cinematic journey back to 1990s Norrköping, as a group of alien enthusiast misfits dig deep to uncover a family enigma. Complete with a cracking script and state-of-the-art effects, it’s as if “The X-Files” and “Stranger Things” got caught in a Scandinavian teleporter and came out fused together.

The excitement continues on Thursday with “Phi 1.618”, a fusion of animation, live action, and an exquisite visual feast set in a dystopian future. Ushev, the maestro behind the animated magic, serves up a delicious spread of visual and cultural references for us to gobble up.

Join us as we dive into “Cade: The Tortured Crossing”, an engaging tale that illustrates the potential perils of AI, blended with the age-old struggle of good versus evil. Neil Breen is at the helm here, delivering another memorable cinematic creation. Don’t fret if tickets vanish in a flash – a second screening is lined up just for you.

From Turkey comes “Once Upon A Time in the Future: 2121”, an intriguing glance into a possible Earth future – think Orwell’s “1984” with a dash of “Logan’s Run”, but with an interesting family dynamics twist. This debut feature from Serpil Altin marks her out as the trailblazer of Turkish female sci-fi filmmakers.

We journey next to “Ozma”, a beautiful blend of experimental elements with hat-tips to silent film, film noir, and 1950s B-movies. Our hero is Jeff, an insomniac with an unusual alien ally. Together, they embark on a quest that promises to be as intriguing as it is touching.

Finally, “The Eye and the Wall” transports us to Gabhán, a city under a totalitarian regime’s icy grip. It’s a thriller that is eerily dystopian, but with a potent resonance that nudges it closer to our reality than we might like.

Between these cinematic marvels, the festival offers industry workshops, networking events, costume parades, and a pub quiz. Don’t forget the 48 Hour Film Challenge, an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to follow in the footsteps of industry giants like Gareth Edwards.

So dust off your spacesuits, fellow science fiction enthusiasts! This festival isn’t just about the ‘science’ or the ‘fiction’. It’s about celebrating our shared love of cinema, the thrill of discovering new worlds, and the joy of community in our grand cosmic cinema. Nab your tickets in the UK over at

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