Schedule: a very short story by: GF Willmetts.

‘Kathy-Jo? What’s my schedule for this week?’

‘The usual, Mr. President.’

‘With who? Any long time out of the office.’

‘You’re in Washington all this week, sir.’

‘No emergency summits?’

‘Only if you plan any international embargoes.’

‘Not this week. I’ve covered all my election promises now, haven’t I?’

‘Only a few minor ones left, sir.’

‘Nothing that can’t wait?’

‘You’ve always done these your way, sir.’

‘Of course, of course. Have I got the rights to Sinatra’s “My Way” yet?’

‘Still under negotiation, sir.’

‘Keep upping the price. It’ll be cheaper than illegal use and bad publicity. Any idea why they won’t sell?’

‘His estate doesn’t sell to politicians…apparently.’

‘They will eventually. Double the price.’

‘Yes, Mr. President.’

‘So, where are the gaps?’

‘There’s one on Thursday afternoon.’

‘How long?’

‘Half an hour.’

‘That long.’

‘Long enough.’

‘OK, scribble in ‘red button day’ and send in my ‘not friends’ list.’

‘Yes, Mr. President. The same as last time, sir?’

‘Between us, Kathy-Jo, I don’t think it works. The briefcase is just for show.’

‘Yes, Mr. President.’

‘Oh and you can cancel all appointments for the rest of Thursday. There won’t be any.’

‘Does that include your wife?’




© GF Willmetts 2018

This might be seen as work in progress.

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