S.C.I. Spy: The Complete Trade Paperback by Doug Monech and Paul Gulacy (graphic novel review).

‘S.C.I. Spy: The Complete Trade Paperback’ was something I noted coming across it in the ‘Back Issue’ interview with Paul Gulacy who drew this work and came up with the initial idea with writer Doug Moench as a project they could work on together. I should point out if you’re looking for this graphic novel on-line, you might need to drop the dots and just look for ‘Sci Spy’ as full stops haven’t been noticed.

Setting a super-agent in the future isn’t actually a new idea. You only have to say ‘the Stainless Steel Rat’. Sebastian Starchild is a loner agent, equipped with a power orb tool to supplement him working in the Arcturus star system. He’s answerable to the computerised Motherbank and not equipped with any cyber implants. Motherbank decides he needs a partner for his latest mission and brings in Iris Nile, who definitely has the necessary implants and we also follow their developing relationship over a mission or two.

This is very much an active adventure story, heavily paced and you can only get into it once you start reading and go along for the ride.

Their story is told over 6 issues originally, with the final issues exploring what happened to Earth which is definitely spoiler. The story isn’t totally SF but more space fantasy, as witnessed how Starchild has a team with him.

Paul Gulacy’s art propels Doug Moench’s story, even in the fifth part, which becomes somewhat talky and then gets done, Very occasionally, he becomes comic expressive, that is exaggerated expressions, compared to some more stoic looks. Whether he based any faces on known people does escape me this time.

It does seem odd that black pages were used th.an the original cover art from the mini-series. A shame when you bear in mind the front cover.

GF Willmetts

March 2022

(pub: Image Comics, 2010. Page graphic novel. Price: You can pull a copy for around £15.00 (UK) . ISBN: 978-1-60706-343-8)

check out website: https://imagecomics.com/

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