Rocket & Groot (first free episode of Marvel’s new online series).

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Here’s Marvel’s Rocket & Groot cartoon series – the first in a 12-part new animated online series based on two of the most popular characters from Guardians of the Galaxy – but it ships with one serious flaw. You can currently only view it on Youtube if you are in the USA.

Oh, Disney. Oh, Marvel. Really? ONLY in the USA? How stupid are you. You might as well give a cash grant to all the dodgy pirate movie sites out there that are actually ripping off the full Marvel movies you do want to charge for.

Free, but only the USA can access it? You clueless &^%%^&ing Dilberts.

Well, I guess I won’t be opening my free Opera browser and setting the free proxy service it now ships with to a U.S. IP address, then.

Rocket & Groot (first free episode of Marvel's new online series).

Rocket & Groot (first free episode of Marvel’s new online series).


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