Quantum computing? Try, bio-computing with Rat-brain networks.

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File under shocking new developments in Franken-computing – but the brains of four rats have been just been wired up to create an organic “Brainet” able to run as a bio-computer.

Duke University’s Dr. Miguel Nicolelis is the man behind this rather morally ‘interesting’ piece of experimentation.

He told Nature magazine, “Recently, we proposed that Brainets, i.e. networks formed by multiple animal brains, cooperating and exchanging information in real time through direct brain-to-brain interfaces, could provide the core of a new type of computing device: an organic computer. Here, we describe the first experimental demonstration of such a Brainet, built by interconnecting four adult rat brains.”

I’m sure there was an old Sapphire and Steel TV series episode with our two heroes trapped in a living killer apartment where the inhabitants (a time-travelling family unit sent to our current times as observers from the future) were being slain one-by-one by their insane computer constructed from networked Pigeon brains.

Hopefully Quantum computing will remain our future.

Quantum computing? Try, bio-computing with Rat-brain networks.

Quantum computing? Try, bio-computing with Rat-brain networks.


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