Primeval: New World (DVD review).

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Considering the eight year success of ‘Primeval’ in the UK, it was more surprising that other countries didn’t try out the format. After all, anomalies were appearing all over the world with various beasties coming out for a look around, it would make sense for each nation to deal with them in their own way. As it was, in 2012, Canada chose to do so and their ‘Primeval: New World’ appeared but only lasted only a single season which probably put an end to any other countries doing their version, at least for a while.


I should point out from the start that ‘Primeval: New World’ is not simply a rehash of the UK version’s dynamics set in Canada. It is very much a private company’s boss, Evan Cross (actor Niall Matter) having seen his wife killed by a dinosaur and seeing an anomaly that motivates him to getting a small team together and driving these creatures back home. More so when he encounters a certain Connor Temple (actor Andrew-Lee Potts in two visits to Canada) who tells him that this is the best thing for him to do than mess up the past.

When we join the story, Cross is recruiting his team, picking an employee Mac Rendell (actor Danny Rahim and token Brit) and when his contact in the local animal control unit is killed, Dylan Weir (actress Sarah Canning) the next in line simply because no one there believed her assertion of seeing a dinosaur and can’t stop being involved. Added to this mix is Toby Nance (actress Crystal Lowe) who is the technical whizz second only to him and Cross’ business runner Ange Finch(actress Miranda Frigon). Now she decides that they ought to involve the government and seeks out the solitary representative, Lieutenant Ken Leeds (actor Geoff Gustafson), head of the department looking at spooky stuff and finally found something that is really out there. Problem is, the government agrees but needs proof and put in the military who don’t see the importance of preserving and sending the creatures to go back. This is where it really gets into spoiler territory because there are so many surprises spread across these thirteen episodes that ensure you pay attention to divided loyalties and moral decisions as well as the odd time paradox which could be interpreted several ways. The significance of an event in the first episode only makes sense in the last episode and it’s a nice cyclic twist that will leaving you wondering why there wasn’t more and swearing at the screen for not spotting it.

The show’s special effects are on par with the UK’s version which is hardly surprising when you also consider that Martin Wood is co-producer and knows what he wants. He’s also one of the directors, along with Andy Mitka and Amanda Tapping, all three of which are already familiar with time portals. Fourth director Mike Rohl has also got SF series experience as well, which is important when you jump into a show running. They got the best out of the cast and a surprising cast inclusion of ‘Stargate: Universe’ actor Louis Ferreira as Colonel Hall.

There are tiny extras associated with each episode and a couple longer ones on the final disk. I hope this is only a glitch on my DVD but on disk # 2, the seventh episode link goes back to the sixth episode so to access it, you have to use section option.

Did I like it? I went into ‘Primeval: New World’ with no real expectations of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised that there was as many twists as experienced by the original show. I suspect the main reason it didn’t do as well as the original is because it needed sales abroad and I can’t recall it appearing in the UK and uncertain about elsewhere. Without these, any special effects laden show is sunk. However, this is actually a show worth a look and you won’t be disappointed as the story progresses.

GF Willmetts

October 2014

(region 2 DVD: pub: Bell Media. 3 DVDs 556 minutes 43 minute * 13 episodes with extras. Price: less than £ 6.50 (UK) if you know where to look)

Subtitles: English

cast: Niall Matter, Sarah Canning and Danny Rahim

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Category: Scifi, TV

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