Potential Riftwar TV series out for the count (news).

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Sad news, but Raymond E Feist has now reported that the much hoped for Riftwar-based TV series has dropped off the radar for the foreseeable future.

On his blog this week, Raymond says, “As is the case often in dealing with entertainment, plans often do not pan out. I would like to publicly thank bcdf Pictures, especially Claude dal Fara and Brian Keady, for a series based on my work that I considered as fine a vision as I have seen, one far better than I would have realised by myself. The nature of the industry is that often great ideas do not arrive at the proper time. Perhaps down the road we might be able to revisit the concept. I wish everyone at bcdf nothing but success in the future and again thank them for their hard work and passion.”

Pity. There’s always many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip when it comes to getting any decent major fantasy or science fiction novel series off the runway and into TV/Movie land.

Potential Riftwar TV series out for the count (news).

Potential Riftwar TV series out for the count (news).


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