Plasma breakthrough points to pollution-free petrol engines, pollution-free coal power stations (science video).

In a recent intriguing video, our host Jeremy delves deep into various recent interviews, notably one with Malcolm Bendall, and teases the brink of significant technological breakthroughs. It delves into the tantalizing secrets and potential transformative energy technologies presented. So, what gives? In a world urgently seeking solutions to climate change and pollution, a groundbreaking invention by Tasmanian inventor Malcolm Bendall emerges as a beacon of hope. Named the “Carbon Killer,” this innovative technology is poised to revolutionize energy production by offering a sustainable alternative that not only mitigates pollution but also actively contributes to environmental restoration.

The Carbon Killer operates on the principles of Low Energy Atomic Reconstruction (LEAR), previously known as Cold Fusion. This technology harnesses the power of Exotic Vacuum Occurrences (EVOs), small atomic entities formed during natural phenomena like cyclones, thunderstorms, and lightning, to create clean and sustainable energy. This approach marks a significant departure from the mechanisms of traditional combustion engines, paving the way for a new era of energy production.

What sets the Carbon Killer apart is its unique approach to carbon emissions. Unlike conventional engines, devices equipped with this technology expel minimal carbon. Instead, they release oxygen at low temperatures, effectively transforming each device into a contributor to a cleaner atmosphere. This process is akin to turning vehicles and power plants into small tree plantations, each playing a part in purifying the air we breathe.

Plasma breakthrough points to pollution-free petrol engines, pollution-free coal power stations (science video).
Plasma breakthrough points to pollution-free petrol engines, pollution-free coal power stations (science video).

Furthermore, Bendall’s invention introduces a novel method of water usage in energy production. The water used within the device is not wasted; it is regenerated, restructured, recharged, and recycled. This sustainable approach to water use is invaluable, especially in scenarios like space travel where resources are scarce and the recycling of elements is imperative.

In addressing the issue of energy efficiency, the Carbon Killer also presents a solution to the limitations of current electric vehicles, which, according to Bendall, operate at a mere 5% energy efficiency. In contrast, the Carbon Killer is not only more energy-efficient but also produces significantly less pollution than its electric counterparts.

Beyond its immediate applications, the Carbon Killer holds a vision for a future where technology actively participates in environmental restoration. Bendall predicts that his invention will reverse the acidification of oceans, restore pre-industrial levels of oxygen and CO2, and eradicate various forms of pollution, including microplastics in the earth’s water bodies.

In conclusion, Malcolm Bendall’s Carbon Killer is a significant stride towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. With its innovative approach to energy production and pollution reduction, this technology offers a glimmer of hope in the ongoing battle against climate change and environmental degradation. As the global community continues to explore and adopt sustainable practices, the Carbon Killer stands out as a promising contender leading the charge towards a greener tomorrow.

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