Phantasm blu-ray boxset: Phantasm IV: OBLIVION (1998) (part 4 of 5) (Blu-ray film review).

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The fourth ‘Phantasm’ film, ‘OBLIVION’, capped because ‘IV’ is in the centre and lower case, ‘l’ makes it look wrong, continues directly after the third film, even if there is a recap of what happened previously.

It’s hardly much of a giveaway that Reggie (actor Reggie Bannister) survives as the Tall Man (actor Angus Scrimm) says he isn’t ready for him yet. Reggie is left in pursuit while Mike Pearson (actor A. Michael Baldwin) is looking for his own answers in the desert. That also includes his own brother Jody (actor Bill Thornbury) popping back as well.

This time we discover Dr. Jebediah Morningside, who the Tall Man was before he went into the stalking phase. Saying too much more is spoiler.

If anything, everyone is seeking answers in this chapter and there are some very scary moments compared to the previous films. Reggie’s encounter with the Highway Patrol was one that made me genuinely jump. The teleportation poles moves the series away from being totally horror to Science Fiction. It also helped by moving away from the cemeteries but desert settings in horror films are also cost-savers. The plot might be a little light, even in the darkness, but the atmosphere made up for it.

Not so many extras but starting with 17 more minutes of ‘Reflections Of Fear’, focusing on this film. Michael Baldwin explains how earlier material not used in the first two films became flashbacks for this one. Obviously, there are some reflections and memories about Angus Scrimm. Director Don Coscarelli especially brings a lot of information about the real Angus.

‘Behind-The-Scenes’ brings 9 minutes of…nah! That’s giving away too much. However, seeing the intensity of the concentration by the actors in some of the special effects scenes will remind you that what might take a few seconds on screen time is probably nearer a day’s work.

Oh, there’s also a trailer and promo for the completests amongst you and a still gallery – only one on the advance copy.

Tuning forks ready.

GF Willmetts

May 2017

(5 blu-ray disks: pub: Arrow Video. 90 minute film with extras. Price: £69.99 (UK). ASIN: B01MZ9OZQ9)

cast: Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Heidi Marnhout and Angus Scrimm

check out websites: http://www.arrowfilms.co.uk/ and www.phantasm.com


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