Phantasm blu-ray boxset: Phantasm V: RaVager (2016) (part 5 of 5) (Blu-ray film review).

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The fifth ‘Phantasm’ film, ‘Ravager’ (2016), is a direct continuation from the fourth film and the first to be directed by someone else, David Hartman. Reggie (actor Reggie Bannister) is out to regain his equilibrium and car and still has to battle against the pursuing silver balls. Along his journey, Reggie gives Dawn (actress Dawn Cody) a lift to her home. He is also getting flashes of the future where he is older, infirmed and institutionalised and talking to an older Mike (actor A. Michael Baldwin).

Reggie encounters the Tall Man (actor Angus Scrimm) again and promised his family back but not Mike if he stays out of the way this time. However, he finds himself captured and then rescued but less convinced as to what is real or not in the escape.

He continually changes reality and not sure where he is or where he’s going. Saying too much is obviously spoiler but looks like a fitting end to the ‘Phantasm’ series. The balls get bigger. Much bigger.

I can understand how the ‘Phantasm’ series has gained its cult following. With Reggie as the average man, I can see how people can relate to him. Angus Scrimm certainly gets more dialogue in this film than in all the others.

There are many extras. ‘Reflections Of Fear: Realising Ravager’ is 34 minutes of reflections by cast and crew, principally director David Hartman who points out that the film started off as a short and was built up over several years. A couple minutes each looking at the premiers in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas with a Q&A session lasting 37 minutes. Obviously there is a lot of talk about Angus Scrimm who had died recently. I like the way Reggie Bannister refers to Angus by his real name and how he chose his stage name.

‘Behind-The-Scenes’ does 10 minutes of what it describes from storyboards to production. Be careful if you don’t want your illusions broken. More so with the few minutes of ‘Deleted Scenes’ although these were mostly edited down for the final film. ‘Bloopers And Outtakes’ are what they say on the box. The spheres have a life of their own. Finally, ‘Phantasm And You’ is nearly 4 minute recap of the earlier films for those of you who missed them in the rest of the boxset.

Just in case you think things are over, there’s a sixth bonus disk to cover. You’ve got some way to go yet, booooy, and aren’t I’m glad I didn’t rush these.

GF Willmetts

May 2017

(5 blu-ray disks: pub: Arrow Video. 85 minute film with extras. Price: £69.99 (UK). ASIN: B01MZ9OZQ9)

cast: Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Dawn Cody, Stephen Jutras, Cean Okada and Angus Scrimm

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