Paul Spragg Memorial.

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One of the things you folk who read SFCrowsnest don’t really see is the behind-the-scenes banter I have with the various publicists when arranging books, CDs and whathaveyou for my reviewing team.

My contact at Big Finish for the past 5 years was Paul Spragg, who suddenly collapsed and died on 08 May 2014 at the very tender age of 39. I only really saw the tip of the various jobs he was doing for Big Finish, including recently editing their Vortex magazine.

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Sue Davies, my main reviewer with Big Finish material pointed out they are running a fundraiser on behalf of the British Heart Foundation in his memory and thought it would be a nice gesture for us to provide the necessary links for those of you who want to donate money to this cause.

Said links are below.

We don’t do this kind of thing very often but both Stephen Hunt and myself, along with Sue Davies, thinks this deserves some of your attention.


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