Otherworld Night: Book 3 of the Tales Of The Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong (book review).

There are thirteen books about the Otherworld, Kelley Armstrong’s heroes are powerful women and men who can raise the dead, cry wolf and play with fire. These characters fit seamlessly into modern society and the books about their lives have proved very popular. No surprise then that they all have other incidents and moments to tell us about in the short story or novella and ‘Otherworld Nights’ is one such collection.

There are several short stories and a whole novella in this collection. It helps to have read at least some of the thirteen novels but the details are easy to pick up.

There are seven short stories and one novella. ‘Demonology’ is where Adam’s mother finds out what is so special about her son. ‘Twilight’ tells us a little more about vampires, changing the mythology in the process. ‘Stalked’ is a wry tale about the difficulties of getting a proper honeymoon when you’re the Pack Alpha, Elena and Clay take time out of taking time out…

‘Chivalrous’ is an origin story of a young werewolf in Australia. ‘Lucifer’s Daughter’ is a take on a ‘Night In The Museum’ when Page and Karl get a bit animated. ‘From Russia With Love’ is about Elena and Clay again. ‘Vanishing Act’ sees Savannah Levine growing up fast as a private investigator dealing with demons and, worse than that, family.

The novella, ‘Hidden’ is much longer running to over one hundred and thirty pages. It’s focused on Clay and Elena on their much needed Christmas break with the kids. Life and death keep getting in their way and they bring in the team to help them solve the mystery of a local man’s death.

Much of the warmth of these stories is derived from the treatment of the characters interactions. The family ties are important and, whatever these people are, vampire, human, werewolf, firestarter they are all strongly bound to each other. There is an easiness in their vocal and physical interaction that makes the stories more relatable. The stories are short but not overly so and they have a point and a resolution that further develops the characters.

I’ve enjoyed reading the novels and I think some of these stories may be available on other platforms but the collections are a fun entry into the ‘Otherworld’.

Sue Davies

September 2019

(pub: Orbit, 2014. 351 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 8.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-356-50066-9)

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