Once top-secret nuclear bunker for sale (weird news).

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There’s a once top secret nuclear bunker for sale, so if you’ve got $400,000 large ones to buy the ultimate prepper hideaway, then this decommissioned underground Titan II missile complex might be just the lair for you.

It’s a little run down, but after some high-end refurbishment, you may well be able to survive plagues, zombies, asteroid strikes (given even dry food stores), and low-level alien invasions … well, in the latter case, they’ll probably just detect the heat signature from orbit and use a rail cannon to put a very large crater in the ground, but hey, maybe they’re careless, right?

Once top-secret nuclear bunker for sale (weird news).

Once top-secret nuclear bunker for sale (weird news).

You can see all the pictures and plans on the estate agent page over at https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/24665-S-Highway-79-Catalina-AZ-85739/2082082831_zpid/


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