Offworld Report, Saturday Jan 16th 2016: the best scifi on the net.

Here’s today’s round-up of the grooviest stories and articles from our selection of some other nice genre web sites.

Neil Patrick Harris Joins Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” in Lead Role

Vin Diesel Releases First Fast 8 Picture, Confirms New York City Location

Tim Curry To Narrate The Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake

Prison Break Revival Officially Greenlit At FOX

“Was Sabretooth Supposed to be Wolverine’s Dad?” & More Abandoned Stories

The Flash: Official Photos Of Deathstorm and Killer Frost Released

Assassin’s Creed Movie Starring Michael Fassbender Wraps Filming

The Simpsons & Futurama Creator Matt Groening In Taks To Develop Netflix Animated Series

Gladiator’s Connie Nielsen Cast As Wonder Woman’s Mother

The Real Platform 9 3/4 Has Become an Alan Rickman Memorial

Matt Groening to Create Animated Series for Netflix

Kevin Smith & Geoff Johns Tease Dawn Of The Justice League Special

Trout Jumps Out of Water in -30° Weather, Turns Into Fishicle

Kylo Ren Heads to Disneyland, Walt Disney World in February 2016

Dawn Of The Justice League Special Trailer Released

Kylo Ren Is Coming to Disney Theme Parks

Martian Manhunter Flies With Supergirl & Discovers Bizarro In Childish Things Clips

Blue Box Podcast – Episode 190 : Southall Springs Some Surprises

Thor Co-Writer To Rewrite Flash Gordon Script

Roy Harper and The Calculator Descend on Star City in Arrow: Unchained Synopsis

President Obama Wants to be Han Solo

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Mid-Season Trailer Full of Spoilers Released

Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman” Finds Its Hippolyta

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Soundtrack Track List & Sample Released

Fan Fridays: Is Grant Ward in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the Villainous Hive?

Derek Zoolander Finally Gets His First Vogue Magazine Cover

Chris Pine Can’t Answer If Lynda Carter Will Cameo In Wonder Woman

Kylo Ren is Going to Disney World (and Disneyland)!

Artist Remakes the World of Pokemon with Unreal 4 Engine

Batman: Bad Blood Clip Introduces Lucius Fox and Batwing Suit

More Details Revealed On The Reverse-Flash’s Return To The Flash

Fox’s “Flash Gordon” Getting a Rewrite by “Thor” Co-Writer

The 20(+) Best Horror Films of 2015

Netflix Taps “The Simpsons'” Matt Groening for New Animated Comedy

Tina Fey and Ronda Rousey Tag-Team New Comedy DO NOTHING BITCHES

WATCH: Martian Manhunter Makes a Bizarro Encounter in New “Supergirl” Clip

Music Dispatch: Weezer Announce New Full-Length, THE WHITE ALBUM

How LUCIFER Was Inspired By David Bowie

Tim Curry Joins the Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake!

Fan Art Friday #62 – Poe from THE FORCE AWAKENS

Funko POP Vinyl Offers the Cutest Li’l Rancor as Previews Exclusive

Marvel’s Civil War II Begins On Free Comic Book Day

Deadpool #7 Action Figure Variant Cover

Kylo Cares: Adam Driver Giving Back to the Armed Forces

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Cast In Tupac’s Biopic All Eyez On Me

Wingboarding and Drone Riding are the Next Scary Things

Arrow Midseason Premiere Extended Trailer Released

Rip Hunter Gets Promo for “Legends of Tomorrow,” Introduces His Ship

Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool Movie Will Make Any Fanboy Proud

Welcome to Earth, INDEPENDENCE DAY Funko Pop! Figures

Rey’s Instant Bread In Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Real

Batwoman Remembers The Night Batman Died In New Batman: Bad Blood Clip

Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Dave Bautista Answer What Color Hulk’s Poop Is

Star Wars Rebels S2 Midseason Trailer: All The Easter Eggs, Major Moments, Questions

22 Marvel Characters Ready For The Big Screen

Axel-In-Charge – New “Civil War II” Insight, Bringing “Secret Wars” to a Close

Game Master Tips With Matt Mercer – Encounter Building!

Gaming Daily: Fan Recreates POKÉMON’s Kanto Region in Unreal Engine 4

Prepare to Encounter Kylo Ren at Disney Parks

Weird Fish Has Tiny Brain, Big Mouth and an Appropriate Name

Batman V Superman Score Tracklist & Preview Song Released

Killer Frost Chills Out with Deathstorm in New “The Flash” Photos

Get Schwifty With Allie Goertz On Her Rick And Morty Concept Album

GLADIATOR Actress Cast as Queen Hippolyta in WONDER WOMAN

“X-Men” Spinoff EPs Exit to Join “24: Legacy”

Can We Get Ch-ch-change for a £20?

Wally’s Racing in The Flash: Fast Lane Synopsis

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ties Record For Most Oscar Nominations For Any Series

Which 67 Marvel Heroes Will Be in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

Race, Publishing, and H.P. Lovecraft: A Conversation With Daniel José Older and Victor LaValle

This IS Your Momma’s Fandom

“There is No Planet B”: The Impossible Problems of Generation Ships

Francis Confronts His Past in Chris Hunt’s “Carver: A Paris Story” #2

Wonder Woman: Connie Nielsen to Play Hippolyta

Chris Carter is Ready For Even More “X-Files”

The Judge Tries to Maintain Order on the Block in “Judge Dredd” #2

Spending Every Christmas with Alan Rickman

Cooking Up Cuteness at New Hello Kitty Hot Pot Restaurant

Flash Gordon Reboot Getting a Rewrite from Thor Scribe

Tim Curry Cast As Narrator In ‘Rocky Horror’ TV Event!

Details Revealed for Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL’s “Batman v Superman” Soundtrack Release

X-Men Spinoff TV Series Hellfire Loses Showrunners, Won’t Go To Pilot This Season

I Am Legend screenwriter to pen Flash Gordon reboot

Marvel Introduces New Wasp and CIVIL WAR II on Free Comic Book Day

Rumor Patrol: Why Spider-Man Joins the Civil War in Captain America 3

Hopeless & Bagley Put the Fun Back in “All-New X-Men” #3

The Original Frank-N-Furter Tim Curry Signs On For FOX’s Stage Production Of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Creed 2: Michael B. Jordan Says Sequel Needs ‘Real Villain’

Marvel To Launch Civil War II With Free Comic Book Day – And Introduce A New Wasp

John Barrowman Co-Writes Dark Archer Prequel Comic

Dark Horse For The Animation Oscar

Get Your Ears Ready for This Sweet EarthBound Vinyl

The X-Files are officially reopened in new trailer for Fox event series

How To Reboot A Failed Kickstarter Project

Leia arrives as Star Wars: Rebels connects to The Force Awakens in new S2 trailer

Holy Rewatch Batman! “The Joker Trumps an Ace” / “Batman Sets the Pace”

Tom Brevoort Chastises Web Warriors

DC Comics Art Academy – Babs Tarr

FOX Renews ‘Scream Queens’ For Season 2

Rumor of the Day: New info on Darth Vader’s role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Fans Petition For Deadpool Movie PG-13 Version

Captain America: Civil War Will Be ‘Funnier’ Than Winter Soldier

Garry Shandling, Samantha Bee, and COLONY: The Week In Podcasts

JOB: Be A Top Cow Comics Assistant Editor In Culver City

Ridley Scott Plans On Having ‘Alien: Covenant’ Receive A “Pretty Hard” R Rating

CB Cebulski To Leave Marvel In New York… Forever!

Eva Mendes Rumored To Be In Running For Her Own Fast & Furious Spinoff

The Wonder Woman movie has finally cast its Queen Hippolyta!

Walking Dead creator says Negan’s arrival on the show is like ‘an atomic bomb’

Titan’s April 2016 “Doctor Who” Solicitations Include a Double Dose of the “Eleventh Doctor”

Legends of Tomorrow: Blood Ties Synopsis Released

Coming Soon: THE BINDING by Nicholas Wolff

‘Creed’ Star Tessa Thompson In Talks For Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’

Retro Review: Tuvix

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: Rip Hunter And Their Time Is Now Trailers Released

On My Radar: GOOD GIRLS by Glen Hirshberg/ THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by KJ Parker/THE COURIER by Gerald Brandt

Review – Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Stardust Teasing a Heroes & Villians FanFest Appearance

The Unoffical Post-Infinity War Avengers Roster

iZombie: Synopsis Revealed for Kristen Bell’s “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”

Kevin Smith Shares Image Of Jay & Silent Bob Paying Tribute To Alan Rickman

Movie News Wrap Up: Baywatch, Bad Santa 2, All Eyez on Me & More

Paul Pope, Roy Allan Martinez and Felix Ruiz Cover Heroes For Titan

‘Prison Break’ Returning As An Event Series By FOX!

Rai Recruits The Heroes Of The 41st Century In 4001 A.D. First Look

TV Recap: ‘The Big Bang Theory: The Empathy Optimization’

Alien terrorists wage war in new trailer for Syfy’s Hunters

Artist Reimagines A Goldeneye Classic With Unreal 4 Engine

Behind The Scenes Featurette For Hotel Transylvania 2

Giveaway: Seeker and Traveler by Arwen Elys Dayton

Ron Marz Bids Farewell To John Carter: Warlord of Mars

The Case of the So-Called Alien Megastructure Just Got Weirder

Watch DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Not Bad” & “One Chance” Trailers

Comic Book Club: Comic Book Club Awakens

Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction: A New Year and Old Favorites, Including an Apex Mega-Issue!

Here’s a crop of rejected Fantastic Four posters far superior to the movie

Neil Patrick Harris Is About To Get Really Unfortunate On Netflix

Review – Dreaming the Bull by MC Scott

Review – Dreaming the Eagle by MC Scott

The Wonder Woman Movie Has a Brilliant Approach To Getting Diana Right

The Writers Panel #240: Chris Parnell and Jason Clodfelter

A Song for No Man’s Land Sweepstakes!

Swipe File: The Veil And The Suicide Forest

The Latest Intel on Topps’ Star Wars Trading Cards

The Magicians’ author Lev Grossman on sex at Hogwarts, superheroes and his fantasy novels summoned to life

The Real Reason Chipotle Hasn’t Been Able to Solve Its E. Coli Problem

WWI costumes, Steve Trevor & more – Chris Pine talks all things Wonder Woman

Deadpool Red Band Trailer Gets An Animated Version

Here’s Jane Lynch as a Scary Clown. You’re Welcome.

How to Recommend Without Slating

A Set Visit To Star Trek Beyond’s Enterprise Reveals Some New Secrets

All-Star Team Supposedly Assembled To Bring Darth Vader To ‘Rogue One’

Chris Carter teases The X-Files’ themes, tone and character arcs in new promo

Chris Carter Wrote Another X-Files Movie, Because He Enjoys Our Pain

Damn, These Minimalist Editions of Harry Potter are Beautiful

Elektra-fying Comment: Frank Miller Disses New Character On ‘Daredevil’

Feel the Adventure of H.G Wells’ The Time Machine In This Beautiful New Poster

Flying Demons Are Probably The Least Unsettling Thing In This Creepy New Horror Movie

Here’s an Idea: Let’s Not Remake Jumanji

How Marceline Became One of Adventure Time’s Most Fascinating Characters

Important News About the Flash Gordon Movie: ‘Gordon’s Alive!’

Koncept & J57 Get A More Marvellous Look

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Welcomes A Legend Of Yesterday: Jonah Hex

Marvel Is Introducing a New Wasp 

Obama Still Hasn’t Seen The Force Awakens, Can We Really Trust This Man to Run Our Country?

Power To The People: NBC Execs Discuss How Many Superheroes We Might See In ‘Powerless’

Saturday’s Best Deals: Amazon Prime, Lifetime TiVo, $9 Bluetooth Headphones

Some Of The Coolest Stuff That Was Cut From Fallout 4

Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh Mash-ups are Adorable

Talk with Your New Best Friend on the CBR Community

The Girls of Tri Phi Are Real Monsters

The Phoenix Weekender – Issue 210

TV Recap: ‘Heroes Reborn: Company Woman’

‘Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Teases “Something Different” For Season 6B

What Animated Series Could Matt Groening Be Creating for Netflix?

What Is Best In Life? To See Brand New Conan the Barbarian Art by Fantasy Mastermind Brom!

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