Oblivion… first trailer for Tom Cruise flick.

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No sooner do we have the Planet of the Apes-ish poster for this science fiction film showing Tom ogling a broken-down New York of the future, than the trailer comes our way – some would say leaked, but who are we to judge? To me, this one has echoes of the old Silent Running film, with Tom as caretaker for humanity’s legacy after a human-alien war has left the planet wrecked and most of its citizens evacuated offworld. Tom cares about the planet. The forces that be running everything from a terraformed Mars – not so much. He stumbles across alien-leftovers and survivors that make him doubt the official story of what happened, and that is when the trouble really begins.

It’s nice to see a movie that isn’t a straight reboot of some 1980s SF film for a change. And this one doesn’t look half bad. Not too surprising, as Tom C. is very protective of his actorly reputation, and is very careful about joining projects that don’t look to be well written etc.

Oblivion trailer for scifi movie.

Who’s in the sleep casule?

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