Nightflyers (new trailer: Netflix scifi from George RR Martin).

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The scifi-horror novella by George RR Martin, Nightflyers, comes to Netflix on February 1st 2019 as a TV series. I think this was the production originally produced by SYfy Channel which they aired 6 weeks ago.

The official blurb reads: “In 2093, a team of scientists embarks on a journey into space aboard an advanced ship called the Nightflyer to make first contact with alien life-forms. However, when terrifying and violent events occur, the team begins to question each other and to realize there is something on-board the Nightflyer with them.”

I love the way they market it as “From The Mind of George RR Martin”. Hell, these days, it could be from the back of a napkin scribbled on by George, and someone would pick it up and run with it.

We’re getting to near-Tolkien levels of desperation in picking up off-cuts and commercialising them … coming soon: A Tolkien novel with illustrations by Alan Lee based on a Middle Earth song he was heard humming in a public toilet in Bournemouth in 1971.

Nightflyers (trailer: Netflix scifi from George RR Martin).

Nightflyers (trailer: Netflix scifi from George RR Martin).


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