NASA announce major press conference in two days (“Discovery beyond our solar system”).

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Oh, this is very exciting. NASA has just announced a major press conference in two days concerning a significant “Discovery beyond our solar system”.

The only details we have to go on are that it concerns “new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets.”

That and the fact that the world’s most prestigious peer-reviewed science journal, Nature, has put a complete embargo on all news from this event prior to holding it.

Oh, and all press seats for the event have now vanished.

So, possible signature of organic life detected on an exo-planet? Here’s hoping.

Discovery beyond our solar system

Discovery beyond our solar system!


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  1. ColonelFrog says:

    I’ll be really pissed off if it’s an asteroid due to hit Earth in the near future. I always saw Morgan Freeman as President making that announcement, not Donald Trump.

    • Shaqui says:

      I can imagine trump gesticulating wildly with his little hands and spouting all sorts of unintelligible unscientific gibberish… it’s going to be like an episode of Skippy.

      “What’s that you say, trumpy? A bad asteroid is hurtling towards the earth controlled by ISIS and we’re all gonna be murdered in our beds?” 😉

  2. It’s happened oh so many times these last years that I’m no longer sure I feel excited about it, I’m afraid.

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