Music From The Films Of Ridley Scott arranged by Dominik Hauser (album review).

A career mapped out in music. What could be more poetic?

This album collects tracks from some of director Ridley Scott’s finest films and, with just one or two, you’re not going to get an in-depth look at each feature in isolation but rather a glimpse into how music has helped the director in his work.


Running from ‘The Duelists’ to ‘Prometheus’, there’s plenty on here and even the harshest critic would find it difficult not to enjoy at least one track on the album.

The ‘End Credits’ theme from ‘Alien’ is an early favourite and captures the different emotions of the film in a short period of time whereas ‘Love Theme’ from ‘Blade Runner’ is a romantic interlude that slows everything down.

One of the longer tracks on the album ‘Princess Lily’ from ‘Legend’ does tend to go on a bit but serves to illustrate the character. ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ is beautifully sung by Heather Donavon and spices up the album when it needs it.

‘Charlie’s Badge’ from ‘Black Rain’ is a tad dated but given the film is nearly 25 years it’s not too bad and there’s plenty of drama in it. Scott’s oft-overlooked Columbus epic ‘1492: Conquest Of Paradise’ is a strong contribution with some stirring lyrics.

When the album reaches his late nineties/early noughties work that it really comes into his own although the ‘Now We Are Free’ track from ‘Gladiator’ seems a bit out of tune from the film and is possibly not the best example to be shown to someone who hasn’t seen the movie. The album finishes with ‘Collision’ from ‘Prometheus’ which, much like the film, has potential but leaves you wanting more.

Each track in this collection generated a scene from the film in my head and even if it wasn’t the scene that the track is from, it still transported me to that world. That’s the real power of a soundtrack.

Certainly a must for Ridley Scott fans. As if you had to ask.

Aidan Fortune

May 2013

(pub: BSX Records. 20 tracks, 78 minutes CD or MP3. Price: £ 7.49 (UK), $ 8.99 (US))

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