Much Ado About Nothing… Shakespeare gets Whedoned.

I have always had a small-time crush on modern adaptions of Shakespeare’s works, you know the kind of thing, Richard III with tanks and machines guns, The Tempest with Robby the Robot and that bloke from the Naked Gun. Now it’s the turn of Whedon, as in Joss, to have a go at the Bard’s plays, turning Much Ado About Nothing into a suburban comedy set in present day America. If this hasn’t sold the idea to you, maybe I should tell you that it has actor Nathan Fillion in it – a long-time muse of the Whedon. Watcheth thy trailer in thine Tubes of Glory which you may find above-eth.

Much Ado About Nothing... Shakespeare gets Whedoned.
Much Ado About Nothing… Shakespeare gets Whedoned.

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