Moon Breakers Soundtrack by Bear McCreary (album review)

Scoring an online role-playing game can be a tricky affair. Gamers who will log hundreds of hours on a game won’t want to hear the same six minutes of music over and over again but also it’s impossible to score enough to cover a possibly infinite amount of time.

With the soundtrack for space battle game, ‘Moon Breakers’, the producers decided to go for quality and hired Bear McCreary to create a quick but rich score to tantalise the fans.

McCreary has quite a genre pedigree, having composed for numerous TV shows including ‘Battlestar Galactica’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Eureka’ and ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. He brings this expertise to the table here and creates a nice taster for those new to the game.

With just four tracks and 19 minutes of score, it’s tough to get a view on how this all fits into the overall game and fans of ‘Moon Breakers’ may be clamouring for more.

Opening number ‘Theme From Moon Breakers’ is short and sweet while second track ‘Clans Of The Space Pirates’ mixing traditional Celtic instruments with electronic beats, making for a fun combination.

‘Government Armada’ seemed to be inspired by the many TV shows McCreary has worked on and has a definite Science Fiction drama bent to it. It’s dramatic and nicely-paced. Finally, ‘Theme From Moon Breakers (Extended Version)’ is more of the first track.

Fun but most probably just for ‘Moon Breaker’ fans.

Aidan Fortune

October 2012


(pub: Bear McCleary and distributed by Conan the Furky Music, available as a download and CD: 19 mins, 4 tracks. Price: $ 3.96 (US))

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