Meteor strike in Russia wounds hundreds!

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A meteor strike has just blasted Russia, wounding hundreds in the city of Chelyabinsk, and it is believed to be per-cursor debris to asteroid DA14 (you remember, the one that is meant to MISS Earth shortly, but by the very narrowest of margins). Videos are now flooding onto YouTube showing both the passing streaks in the sky, the airburst, and then the shockwave taking out parts of the Ural-situated city.

Despite hundreds being wounded by blown-out windows and collapsing buildings, early reports suggest this is thankfully no repeat of the 100 meter-sized asteroid that struck Russia in 1908 at the Tunguska River with an estimated 15 megaton nuclear warhead equivalence.

There’s now a frenetic discussion on FaceBook about what happened and how rogue strikes – that could potentially end most life on Earth – can be stopped in future.

Meteor strike on Russia wounds hundreds!


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