Mass Effect: Foundation #8 by Mac Walters (Writer) and Tony Parker (Artist).

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The beginning of the eighth issue of ‘Mass Effect: Foundation‘ deals with the aftermath of Kai Leng and Agent Rasa’s failure to capture Jack in the previous issue. The tension between them seems worse than the repercussions of their failure. Kai Leng’s facial expressions here are so well drawn! Between that and his posture, his fury is clearly evident and somewhat reminiscent of the Kai Leng fans will remember from later in the game. 

Mass Effect: Foundation #8 by Mac Walters (Writer) and Tony Parker (Artist)

Mass Effect: Foundation #8 by Mac Walters (Writer) and Tony Parker (Artist)

The pair return to the Minuteman Station where Leng is ordered to depart again, right away, to attend a summons by the Illusive Man. Rasa is introduced to the Lazarus Project where she learns the value of the intel she has gathered on Commander Shepard.

We get a glimpse of Shepard here, and it’s not pretty, neither is the suggestion about how they restored his body. In order to complete the project, however, they need more information. Agent Rasa is dispatched to the Citadel to steal classified records from the Spectre’s offices. The assignment is one of an all but impossible nature and it turns out to be as difficult as she expected. With a little help from a mysterious drell assassin, she might survive.

This is my favourite issue so far. The flagging momentum as the pieces of the story are collected in previous issues really picks up as we learn the purpose of Agent Rasa’s research. Her own difficulties–the rivalry with Kai Leng and the mission to the Citadel–kick the story into high gear. The hint regarding Shepard’s recovery delivers an emotional punch.

The art didn’t distract me this time, either. There are a few panels where I had a hard time figuring out what was going on, but in general, the action is portrayed well and there are lots of lovely close ups of emotional expressions that are very nicely done.

Kai Leng and Agent Rasa. (Image courtesy of Dark Horse)

Kai Leng and Agent Rasa. (Image courtesy of Dark Horse)

With only three issues remaining, ‘Mass Effect: Foundation‘ is finally delivering on its promise. Now they just have to keep the momentum going.

Kelly Jensen

February 2014

(pub: Dark Horse Comics, February 26, 2014. Comic book, 24 pages. $3.99)

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