Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.LD. Season 2 episode 1 (TV review).

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an assessment by: GF Willmetts

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There might be spoilers so if you haven’t seen this episode yet, watch it first.

The most startling thing from the off-set was how many characters from the regular Marvel Universe were presented in short order to capture those of us who thought there wasn’t enough of them last time. Of course, with Agent Carter getting her own series, there needed to be a connection and what her job was. Shame we don’t see where she takes this, although from the start if she’s found the most dangerous object and hidden it, everything else must be a wind-down.


There’s still the problem of remembering the names of the main characters but that was a problem of the first season. A demonstration of this is the added team of mercenaries to prop the small SHIELD numbers up. Hardly there long enough to care about their fate which is a shame because they might have had something going for them.

The main villain is still Hydra. They’re still out there but hidden away, calling up their agents as needed. Does that mean all the Marvel villains are going to belong to them? Key this story is a certain Carl ‘Crusher’ Creel aka The Absorbing Man. Quite why he should be afraid of the cosmic cube when he’s capable of absorbing its power I’ll leave you to decide. A good display of their budget with his abilities. I did have a ponder on how to stop him. Get him to absorb something like cotton wool might help but seeing him turn back to normal does tend to suggest he has more control than his comicbook counterpart.


Considering the imprisoned Ward won’t talk to anyone but Skye, it does make me ponder how he gets his meals or latrine considering that his cell lacks these amenities or even something to read. Life must be hell in solitary confinement.

How much should I say about the plot? Much of it is a continuation from the end of the last season. Everyone wants the remaining SHIELD agents as they try to regroup. They look after their own, even if they’re badly down. Coulson makes the tough decisions but he is the boss now. They are also a lot more fallible now which brings back some unpredictability. Having a character that might show potential snuff it does seem a shame.


Will it be worth watching? Of course. There’s bound to be more connections to ‘Agent Carter’, even if they might be generations apart. I hope they continue to bring in more of the comicbook characters as it’s the best way to remind people that they’re in the Marvel Universe. Don’t yield, back…

GF Willmetts

October 2014


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