Lunar Mega-City: move over Dredd (science video).

In this forty-minute-long science video, our man of SF, Issac Arthur, returns to explore how Earth’s Moon may one day be populated, with domes and bases covering the whole once-arid surface, forming a single mega-city that stretches not just above but also below the surface.

The Moon, that lonely and enigmatic companion to Earth, has long been a subject of fascination and speculation. But what if I were to tell you that one day, in the not-too-distant future, the Moon’s surface will be covered in a sprawling, interconnected network of domes and bases, forming a single mega-city that stretches not just above but also below the surface?

Imagine a city that is built not just on the surface of the Moon, but also within its depths. Giant subterranean caverns, carved out of the Moon’s rocky crust, would provide the perfect location for many interesting and exciting activities. Imagine underground moon mines, where intrepid explorers extract valuable resources from the lunar soil. Or underground moon farms, where hardy plants are grown in artificially lit gardens. Or even underground moon hotels, where tourists can stay and enjoy the lunar environment in comfort and safety.

But we would not limit the city on the moon to just underground living. Above the surface, towering domes would dot the lunar landscape, providing safe and comfortable living spaces for the city’s residents. Imagine the view from one of these domes, looking out across the barren lunar surface, with Earth hanging low in the sky.

A vast network of tunnels and roads would connect the domes and bases, allowing residents to travel seamlessly between different parts of the city. Self-driving cars and other advanced forms of transportation would make getting around this new lunar metropolis a breeze. And with advanced technologies like 3D printing and robotics, constructing and maintaining the city’s infrastructure would be a relatively simple task.

As the population of the lunar city grows, so too will the demand for various businesses and services. The Moon’s low gravity and lack of atmosphere would make it the perfect location for all sorts of cutting-edge research and development. Companies would flock to the lunar city, eager to take advantage of its unique environment and the talented workforce that calls it home.

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point. But as humanity continues to make strides in space exploration and colonization, it’s easy to imagine that one day, the Moon may be a thriving metropolis, a true lunar wonderland.

Lunar Mega-city: move over Dredd (science video).
Lunar Mega-city: move over Dredd (science video).

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